Tassimo T40

Our Rating:

4/5 – Want a great coffee machine? Try the Tassimo T40. It has a classic design that appeals to all hot beverage lovers. This machine brings you great coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Tassimo T40 Features:

Intelligent drink identification gives you a perfect cup of your hot beverage every time. The best part is this all happens at the touch of a button. The operation is quite simple, just pop in your T Disc pod and let the machine do the rest!

Available in many colors, it is designed with different individuals in mind. There are many different designs of kitchens around the world and you are guaranteed to find a color that suits your kitchen.
The Tassimo T40 offers easy cleanup after use. The machine comes with a Service T Disc that should be inserted when indicated. This makes clean up a very easy task.

The machine has a removable water tank which allows you to make multiple cups of hot beverages without refilling. This is great for large families that make many cups of coffee in the mornings.

The Tassimo T40 is always ready to brew. With one touch operation its makes great cups of coffee and other hot beverages in a small amount of time. With silent operation you won’t notice the machine is working.

Made by Bosch, the Tassimo T40 is easy to maintain and is energy saving. It will save you money while making great beverages.

The machine assures you that every cup of your favourite hot beverage will be made to perfection!