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Which pod/capsule coffeemaker to choose in 2020?

To simplify your coffee, do you want a pod or capsule coffeemaker? We have a complete guide to help you!

Haven’t you ever noticed how a coffee is better when you don’t have to take time to make it? The pod/capsule coffee machine offers this pleasure: brewing a coffee in one minute and doing almost nothing.

However, there are many possibilities, first you have to choose between pods and capsules, then choose a brand and finally a model. This is not the easiest thing to do, as the differences between coffee makers are not always obvious.

This is why we invite you to take stock and discover all our advice on which coffee maker to buy in 2020.

Main brands of pod/capsule machines

Home pageThe brands best known and appreciated for pod machines are Senseo, and nomadic coffee makers like Handpresso, Minipresso.

As far as capsule machines are concerned, there are Nescafé, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto or else Tassimo.

The machines are often referred to by the brand of coffee associated with them. However, the manufacturer does not have the same name. Thus Philips makes Senseo coffee makers, Krups makes Nescafé, Nespresso and Dolce Gusto coffee makers, while Bosch offers Tassimo coffee makers.

Top 4 which pod/capsule coffee maker to choose

Here are the best pod/capsule coffeemakers of the moment, in any case they are our favourites following a very personal, but rigorously made pod/capsule coffeemaker comparison.

Why buy a pod/capsule coffee maker?

The principle of the modern electric coffee machine is that she takes care of everything. In general it is not necessary to do much to make sure you have the right temperature and the right amount of water for the right coffee. Also, the coffee will be good, even if you’re not really awake and not paying attention to what you’re doing.

In short, the main advantage is that this kind of pod or capsule coffeemaker takes care of everything and makes a coffee in 1 to 3 minutes maximum.

And it is worth noting that today the ecological argument no longer holds, since the pods are very often compostable while the capsules are recyclable (under certain conditions, but at least it is possible).

Top 10 best pod/capsule coffee makers 2018

Save time in making your choice by focusing on the best capsule or pod coffeemakers of the moment. This selection includes only amazon’s best sellers as well as the best models according to users like you and me. And for even more accuracy, it is updated very regularly.

What is a pod/capsule machine?

The pod/capsule machine is a modern electric machine which offers much more than just the preparation of an creamy espresso.
This is a device that heats water and then passes it through the pod or capsule at the desired temperature. The pressure is more or less strong to obtain a creamy coffee.

But we can also use the gourmet coffees (cappuccino, latte machiatto, etc), hot chocolate, tea and even for some machines drinks including milk. The latter solution requires either an additional capsule or a milk tank.

The emblematic brand of capsule coffee makers is Nespresso (probably because of Georges Clooney). These machines have a very strong pressure to pierce the capsules and offer a sometimes less choice of beverage than pod coffee makers.

The most famous pod machines are the Senseo. They allow you to buy a coffee maker at a low price and to have access to a wide variety of hot drinks.

How do I choose my pod/capsule coffeemaker?

To find out which pod/capsule coffeemaker to buy, there are several things to look at. Here are them one by one to help you buy the coffeemaker that’s right for you.

The total budget
Think about linking the budget for a coffee maker to the budget for pods or coffee capsules. Unfortunately, although Nespresso capsules are very famous for their taste, they are also quite expensive.
Hot and cold drinks
The vast majority of machines can only prepare hot drinks. This is not the case with the Dolce Gusto, where for each drink you can choose between hot water or water at room temperature.
Preparation time
To have a drink, there are two steps: the preheating of the appliance and the preparation of the drink. You have to look at the total time to know how long it will take to have a coffee.
This is also the time to check if there is a pre-heating between each coffee.
One or two cups, large or small
Do you need to make only one coffee at a time, or would you like to be able to serve two coffees at the same time? Again, this is a detail that varies from machine to machine.
The same applies to the height of the cup that can be slipped under the spout.
The tank
Concerning the tank, we must check its capacity (will we have to fill it several times a day), its visibility and if there is a signal warning us that it is empty.
The options
Additional options include: a signal to descale the appliance, manual coffee length adjustment, automatic standby, container for used capsules, etc.

Pod or capsule coffeemaker?

I can’t decide for you what’s best for you, each has advantages and disadvantages.

Soft pod coffeemakers: are a little cheaper. Pods are often compostable and coffee can be brewed by placing two pods on top of each other (to make two cups or one strong cup).

Capsule coffeemakers : are more expensive, but the coffee is better preserved and often stronger and more fragrant. It is more difficult to find compatible capsules and recycling is not yet easy.

The price of a pod/capsule machine?

Depending on the brand and the various functionalities present, the price of a capsule/dosette machine varies between from €40 to more than €1000.
The good news is that for a good value for money coffee maker, you only need a budget between 50 and 100 €. Above all, these are mainly coffee makers for coffee experts who are very picky about the drink they want to drink, closely followed by design enthusiasts who want a specific model to match the decoration of the premises.

Comparison: what is the price of « pod/capsule » coffee?

Home pageAs I was saying earlier with the criteria for deciding which coffee maker to choose, you have to look at the overall budget, that means the price of the machine and its coffee, in pods or capsules. The price given below is indicative. It is the average price of coffee pods per unit. Each brand also offers pods or capsules for other drinks (chocolate, tea, etc.).

✓ Nespresso capsule – price Nespresso capsule

These are the most expensive and often the most popular capsules for coffee lovers. Some tearooms and restaurants now only offer Nespresso coffee. The average price of a pod is €0.35. They are only sold in Nespresso shops and on their website.
There are Nespresso-compatible capsules available at a cost of €0.28 each, but they are not recommended by the brand because they make the machines more fragile.

✓ Senseo pod – Senseo pod prices

Now here are the cheapest pods by the cup, the Senseo pods. Their average price is €0.16 and there is a profusion of compatible brands of coffee (and other drinks). You can find them in any supermarket.

✓ Tassimo Capsule – Tassimo pod prices

Tassimo offers pods with a barcode and therefore in a rather specific format to avoid having to make your own coffee maker settings. This has an impact on the price, they are at 0.42 €. They are available in all supermarkets.
On the other hand, do they say Tassimo pod or Tassimo capsule? The exact term is T-Disc Tassimo, it looks like a soft pod, but it comes in a hard packaging like a capsule.

✓ Capsule Dolce Gusto – price capsule Dolce Gusto

Dolce Gusto offers Nespresso coffee. Its capsules are available just about everywhere and stand out for the fantasy of certain flavours. You can choose from Ricoré, Nesquick chocolate, Nestea, etc. The price of a Dolce Gusto coffee capsule is €0.40 each.

✓ Dosette ESE – price dosette ESE

The ESE pod is a flexible pod offered by major coffee brands to prepare espresso on manual coffee machines. They are not interchangeable with Senseo pods because they are not the same size. They are needed for nomadic coffee makers. The pod costs an average of 0.21 € and can be bought in supermarkets or even in shops dedicated to coffee.

The different types of pod/capsule coffee makers?

Here are the different models of capsule/dosette coffeemakers and their main differences from one brand to another.

⇨ Nespresso coffeemaker

The Nespresso coffeemaker is a quality appliance that offers very good coffees. This also makes it a rather expensive and selective machine, as its pods are only available for sale on their website. However, the number of amateurs is constantly increasing. Discover various opinion on Nespresso coffeemakers.

⇨ Senseo coffeemaker

Each Senseo coffeemaker distinguishes itself by its facility of use. It is the family coffee maker par excellence, with its wide choice of hot drinks and the low prices of its pods. Here are several models of Senseo coffeemakers to help you get a clear picture of them.

⇨ Tassimo Coffeemaker

Tassimo coffeemakers have unique capsules, the T-Disc. In addition to containing the dose of coffee needed to prepare the beverage, they each have a barcode. The machine reads the barcode to find the necessary information regarding the preparation of the drink: quantity of water and temperature. So, without thinking about it, the coffee is always perfect. In addition, the price/quality ratio of the Tassimo coffeemakers is pretty interesting when you take the time to compare.

⇨ Dolce Gusto coffeemaker

Dolce Gusto, without being too conspicuous, offered coffee makers so unique that some of them have won awards. They are distinguished by an original design that does not detract from the speed of beverage preparation or the quality of the coffee. Find out more about the special features of the Dolce Gusto coffeemakers to set you apart from the others.

⇨ Portable coffee machine

Making a good espresso in the middle of a hike is quite possible thanks to the nomadic coffee makers, machines that you can slip into a backpack or into the pocket of your car. They work either by the force of our arms or by plugging into the cigarette lighter. Learn more about portable coffee machines by discovering some models of various brands.

How do I descale a pod/capsule coffee maker?

Each coffee maker needs to be descaled on a regular basis and each brand offers it in a specific way. This is why we have dedicated an entire feature article on how to descale your coffeemaker (without spending hours on it).

How does a pod/capsule coffee maker work?

Of course, before using a pod/capsule machine, the easiest way is to take a look at the manual. But the general idea is always the same.

The tank is filled and the pod or capsule is put in place. Then you may need to make some adjustments (amount of water, hot or cold water, one or two cups) and start preparing the drink. When the drink is ready, the pod or capsule must be removed to avoid damaging the machine. In some cases it is put directly into the waste bin, in others a used capsule collector is integrated.

And that’s it! The quality of the coffee depends on the pressure provided by the coffee maker and its maintenance. A machine that has not been descaled for a long time can make bad coffee or serve lukewarm coffee.

What I like / What I don’t like

Personally, I like the disconcerting ease with which you can make coffee. It’s very easy to let my 5 year old daughter make some for everyone, without any worries.

I don’t like the too wide a variety of capsules and pods and the little reliable information circulating on the use of compatible capsules or pods. It’s hard to know if it’s really that dangerous for machines to use other brands or if it’s just a marketing argument.


The purpose of this guide to buying a pod or capsule coffee maker was to answer all the questions we have when you want to know the best coffeemaker. Unfortunately, the answer is not simple, since it depends on everyone’s taste in coffee. But one thing is certain, the variety that is offered allows everyone to find what they want.