Which Dolce Gusto to choose?

This category is dedicated to Nescafé brand coffee makers, that is, the Dolce Gusto machines. The testers for Top Coffee maker took the time to share their opinions in a meticulous and precise way in order to help you buy a Dolce Gusto to your liking. We’re not talking about the best Dolce Gusto coffeemakers, that would be impossible to determine, but about why we like them and what their flaws are.


And to tell you the truth, their design is always at the heart of the discussions, because the Dolce Gusto’s all have incredible style. They are sometimes hyper futuristic like the Dolce Gusto Drop or with the sobriety of a roasted coffee bean like the Dolce Gusto Movenza. From one model to another, the size of the tank can vary. Singles will have more than enough with the Dolce Gusto Piccolo. One of the largest tanks is the Dolce Gusto Melody 3. Finally, if it’s noise or rather discretion that interests you, the Dolce Gusto Mini Me emits only 51 dB maximum.


In this quick introduction I give you only the key elements of each coffee maker, read the reviews to learn more. And if you’re really undecided, save time by consulting the comparative coffee maker Dolce Gusto. In a single article all the differences are pointed out.