Hot and cold drinks with one of Dolce Gusto’s ultra-design coffeemakers

Hot and cold drinks with one of Dolce Gusto’s ultra-design coffeemakers
Whether you want to have access to cold beverages or a futuristic design that is absolutely unique, you want to buy a Dolce Gusto coffee machine. All you have to do is decide which model to choose and why this one over another.

To help you make your choice among Krups Dolce Gusto coffeemakers, you can let yourself be guided by our top 10 or list the features that really make the difference between each machine.

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Dolce Gusto coffeemaker: our Top 10

Discover the 10 most requested Dolce Gusto capsule machines at the moment. They are the top sellers and have the highest number of positive opinions.

1. Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lumio: Product of the Year award

dolce gusto lumio avis
The Dolce Gusto Lumio coffee machine by Krups has been voted product of the year 2018. It marks a real turning point compared to Dolce Gusto’s previous coffee makers. Indeed, unlike all coffee makers designed before the Lumio, this one has no leaks at the beak. And it’s always ergonomic and practical. Several colours are available (besides the colour influences the final price).

Thus the touch screen allows you to choose between 8 different levels of coffees (long coffee or espresso?) as well as between a hot or cold drink. Preheating only takes 16 seconds and the drink always takes less than a minute to prepare. To avoid splashes, the cup rest can be set to 4 different heights. The fuel tank is located at the rear of the machine and contributes to its design all curvaceous. He’s removable and transparent for good water level monitoring.

Finally all accessories are dishwasher safe. So it’s a matter of choosing the right capsule at the time of purchase and then enjoying your coffee! ➔ Get a better idea of this coffeemaker by reading this opinion on the Lumio Dolce Gusto.

2. Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Mini Me: compact and cute

dolce gusto mini me avis
The Nescafé Dolce Gusto Mini Me capsule coffee maker is a more compact version, but very similar to the Dolce Gusto Lumio. Designed by Krups like the majority of Dolce Gusto, it measures 35 x 27.8 x 19 cm and weighs only than 2.3 kilograms. It is very easy to find a place for it in the kitchen or in an office. The water tank has a capacity of 0.8 litres, which is especially suitable for a single person or possibly a couple.

Like all Dolce Gusto, this coffeemaker can only serve one cup at a time. On the other hand, there is no preheating to be provided between two cups.
The cup rest, which also acts as a drip tray, can be set at 3 different heights. It’s very handy to prevent the coffee sprays from messing up everything. Like all removable elements, it can be washed in the dishwasher.

The preparation is very intuitive. First choose the quantity you want, then press the hot or cold water button to start the program. The pressure of 15 bars allows you to have creamy espressos. ➔ More information is available on this opinion about the Mini Me.

3. Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Drop: futuristic and complete

dolce gusto drop avis
The Nescafé Dolce Gusto Drop coffeemaker Dolce Gusto Drop is a Krups design and it has a design resolutely futuristic. It’s supposed to evoke a drop of coffee, but everyone sees a little of what they want. Despite its original design, it is very ergonomic. For example, the water tank is located under the machine, but a small window allows you to follow the water level. And it is easy to remove it to fill it and then replace it. In the same way, the cup rest is adjustable to three heights and this is done in harmony with the design without complicating life to position it. Even fitting the capsules is easy.

It’s a pretty small machine overall. The tank has a capacity of 0.8 litre. The screen is touch-sensitive and allows you to choose the water level with your fingertip and then, if you wish, to change the level hot or cold preparation. The pressure of 15 bars makes for creamy espresso. However, the capsule should always be removed just after the end of the preparation to avoid leakage.

On the practical side, an indicator light tells you when to descale. And all you need to do is 40 to 50 seconds to serve a coffee, preheating included. Available in red, but also in other colours, this machine is very popular, ➔ as you can see in this opinion on the Dolce Gusto Drop.

4. Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Piccolo: manual and quick

dolce gusto piccolo avis
The Piccolo is the small Krups coffeemaker from Nescafé Dolce Gusto. It is the smallest and cheapest model. It is also a very fast electric coffee maker, but totally manual! Indeed, the water flow is not automatically stopped. That is to say, you have to fill the tank, place the capsule and then activate the lever water flow on the right or on the left, depending on the desired water (hot or cold).

Then the lever must be repositioned in the center to stop the water. It’s very easy to use, although it may surprise at first if you were hoping for an automatic machine.
Since it is a small coffee maker, its tank has a capacity of 0.6 litre. The pressure is still 15 bars, which makes it possible to do a real espresso. The cup rest can be installed at three different heights. ➔ All technical details are detailed in this opinion on Nescafé Dolce Gusto Piccolo.

The preparation of a drink is particularly quick. It takes only 30 seconds to preheat and 30 seconds for a long coffee. This time is the same regardless of the coffee, tea or chocolate capsules you have in stock.

5. Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Infinissima: manual with large capacity

dolce gusto infinissima avis
The name of the Dolce Gusto Infinissima coffeemaker is directly linked to its design, which evokes the infinite sign. It is available in red or black. This Krups coffee machine also evokes an hourglass. Its tank is transparent and it is totally part of the design. It has a very large capacity, accepting up to 1.2 litres of water.

This Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffeemaker is a model manual. That is to say that you choose beforehand whether you want hot or cold water, but then it is up to you to run the water and especially to stop it. The infinissima is not a product that you press before going to do something else and come back two minutes later. You must remain present during the preparation of the drink, otherwise the water will run until the tank is empty…

This explains why, despite its design, the Infinissima coffeemaker has an often lower price than other Dolce Gusto coffeemakers. On the other hand, it accepts the same capsules, it has the same type of guarantee, etc. ➔ The Positive opinions on the Dolce Gusto Infinissima is mainly about his look, but not only!

6. Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Oblo: manual and sober

dolce gusto oblo avis
The Nescafé Dolce Gusto Oblo coffeemaker stands out among the Krups creations, as it is one of the few Dolce Gusto machines relatively sober. Of course, it looks nothing like what competitors such as Nespresso or Tassimo offer, but it can be integrated into many different interiors without difficulty. Thus the choice was made to offer a fine, but rather wide coffee maker. The water tank of a 0.8 litre capacity eis located on the back. It is best to turn the coffee maker so that you can remove and replace the reservoir easily.

It is also a coffeemaker manual. EIt has a small lever on the top that can be pushed to either side to allow you to choose between the two options hot or cold water. This button must be reset to the center to stop the water flow. It is not necessarily the coffee maker that is best suited to preparing an espresso, but thanks to the many capsules available, a wide range of drinks is available.

➔ The opinion on the Dolce Gusto Oblo point to a single fault, the power cord is very short. It’s a pity, because for the rest, it’s a good Nescafé product, as this review of the Dolce Gusto Oblo shows.

7. DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Eclipse: ultra design and eco-friendly

dolce gusto eclipse avis
The Dolce Gusto Eclipse coffeemaker has a unique design. When closed it forms a black ring. And to serve coffee, it opens automatically and delicately. It is available in black and other colours. Design isn’t everything, it’s also a coffeemaker that has a very low power consumption. What’s more.., the goes into sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity. Made by DeLonghi, it’s a very beautiful object, ➔ even though the opinion on the Eclipse coffee maker sometimes criticize the way it works.

For the use, everything is done to simplify the service and to be as intuitive as possible. Thus the controls are tactile and reduced to the bare minimum. You can choose between a hot or cold drink, and there are 8 different lengths (8 quantities of water). At most you can use a 300 ml cup. For this purpose this coffee machine has a tank with a capacity of one litre. The water flow is stopped automatically.

In terms of price, it’s a coffeemaker rather expensive, rarely under EUR 150. Its price is justified by its design. Still, it is a purchase that is made more for aesthetics than for drinks, according to online reviews.

8. DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Jovia: futuristic and manual

dolce gusto jovia avis
This Dolce Gusto Jovia electric coffee maker is a manual machine. That is to say that for each preparation one must choose the temperature and the quantity of water. And above all, in concrete terms, the water does not stop flowing by itself. For some it is an asset, because you really have the drink you want every time. For others it is unbearable. One of the direct advantages is the price of the coffee maker. A manual machine is always cheaper than an automatic one.

This very design model is available in three colors: white, black and red. The price is not the same according to the colour. This is a coffee maker ordered by Dolce Gusto, made by DeLonghi (not Krups as is often the case) and used with Nescafé capsules. It is possible to make hot or cold drinks from coffee, chocolate or tea.

On the practical side, the Jovia has a 0.8 litre tank, a pressure of 15 bars and is 33 cm high. Only one cup can be prepared at a time in less than 2 minutes, including preheating. It goes into standby mode after a 5-minute break. ➔ And it is detailed in this opinion on the Dolce Gusto Jovia to give you a clearer picture.

9. Krups Dolce Gusto Nescafe Movenza: Elegance and Efficiency

dolce gusto movenza avis
The Movenza coffee maker by Dolce Gusto, Nescafé and Krups is a model that has been product of the year by a wide range of consumers. It is in fact a capsule coffee machine that combines design unique, ergonomic and tasty drinks. When closed, the machine evokes a coffee bean. Open and ready to use, it looks like a drop of coffee about to fall into the cup. The effect is particularly visible on the black coffee maker.

The Movenza is an automatic coffee maker. It has a pressure of 15 bars. Its touch-sensitive control panel allows you to choose your preferred dosage from one of eight intensity levels and between a hot or cold drink. The coffee stop is then automatic. Preheating only lasts for 25 seconds so it takes about a minute, all-inclusive, to get a cup of coffee. The one litre tank makes it possible to serve many espressos throughout the day.

This Dolce Gusto coffeemaker is equipped with an indicator light so that you don’t forget to make a coffee with it descaling. ➔ The opinion on the Dolce Gusto Movenza are really numerous and very positive.

10. Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Esperta: connected coffee machine

dolce gusto esperta avis
The Krups Dolce Gusto Esperta is a capsule coffee machine that offers great modularity in the preparation of beverages. It may take some time to find the ideal setting for your palate, then it is possible to save everything in the free application. Indeed, being connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, it is particularly easy and quick to have an espresso coffee perfectly adapted to your taste with this coffeemaker! The application is absolutely not a gadget and it brings a lot to the use of the machine.

Moreover, this Krups product is absolutely unique in terms of design, especially in black. The tank is transparent and removable. The cup rest lifts up to the ideal size. The cap placement system is demanding in order to provide a splash and leak-free service. And you can choose between three extraction modes.

In terms of preparation and quality, ➔ the opinion on the Esperta coffeemaker are a reminder that we get the best of Dolce Gusto. The pressure is 15 bars, the coffee stops automatically and the machine goes into standby mode after a 5-minute break.

What’s a Dolce Gusto coffeemaker?

A Dolce Gusto coffeemaker is an electrical appliance that allows you to prepare a hot or cold drink from a capsule. We usually talk about coffee machines, but in reality the choice of drinks is very wide and some people don’t hesitate to have a dolce Gusto to allow their children to make their morning hot chocolate on their own.

The necessary capsules are easy to buy in supermarkets and general maintenance is very limited.

Why buy a Dolce Gusto for your hot drinks?

There are two good reasons to specifically want a Dolce Gusto.

First of all, it is the only brand of capsule or pod machine that allows to prepare both a hot and a cold drink. You can thus alternate the preparation of an espresso, a Nestea peach and a hot or cold Nesquik. The hot/cold buttons are quite distinct, far apart and of different colours. It is impossible to make a mistake and, above all, it is this button that starts the preparation.

In addition, Dolce Gusto and Krups are offering highly original, futuristic and unique design. Technically everything is related to the world of coffee (the shape of a coffee bean or a drop that falls). But in reality, you can see whatever you want, from a video game controller to an infinite sign. There are few colours, but it’s enough to integrate the coffee makers into a very large number of varied interiors where each element is carefully chosen.

How to choose your Dolce Gusto coffee machine?

To find out which Dolce Gusto coffeemaker to buy, here are the features to compare. This will allow you to find the best appliance within your budget.

✓ Tank

The size of the water tank, in relation to your coffee consumption, allows you to know how quickly the tank needs to be filled. It can be interesting to choose it removable as well as transparent or with a light signal to follow the water level.

Also look at how the reservoir is accessed. Rear access is discreet, but not always practical on some furniture.

✓ Design

The look of the coffeemaker is an essential element to look at in Dolce Gusto. Sometimes it’s so original that you either love or hate it, but it’s impossible to remain neutral. There can also be a choice of colour.

Finally, compare the dimensions, both in depth and height and when the coffeemaker is open and closed.

✓ Preparation time

When preparing a drink, the preheating time and serving time must be taken into account. This can be less than one minute or more than two minutes in total.

✓ Noise level

A coffeemaker with a capsule always makes noise. And the noise level tends to increase when the pressure is high. So you have to find out how many decibels are emitted. Always choose the lowest machine and note that above 60 dB, this hinders normal discussion.

✓ Cup height

Find out the available height under the spout and the number of possible positions for the cup rest. This is especially necessary if you’re a fan of large mugs and not small espresso cups.

✓ Tactile or mechanical

There are few buttons on a Dolce Gusto coffee machine. These can be integrated into a touch control panel or be mechanical levers to be operated. The difference is most noticeable when the coffee maker needs to be repaired.

✓ Options

The options are always more or less the same: light signal for descaling, light signal when the tank is not full enough, several intensity levels, automatic switch-off.

The different types of Dolce Gusto coffee machines

Dolce Gusto machines can be divided into two distinct types. The basis of operation being radically different, it is important to know them well before just buying the cheapest model. In fact, buying the wrong type is the main reason behind the poor ratings given to some coffee machines.

⇨ Automatic capsule coffee maker

The Dolce Gusto automatic coffeemaker is the closest thing to the various pods or capsules coffeemakers on the market. Indeed, at the touch of a button, the preparation of the drink starts and then stops by itself. You may need to adjust the settings beforehand.

This is the model to be preferred with children (to allow them to use it independently) or when you tend to scatter and do several things at the same time.

⇨ Manual capsule coffee maker

Dolce Gusto is one of the few brands to offer manual operation. That is to say stop the flow of water yourself, otherwise the mug overflows and the tank empties completely. This makes it possible to adjust the length of the coffee you want directly. And above all, this is why some Dolce Gusto machines have such a low price.

This type of coffee machine is suitable for people who are able to be here and now, that means who take the time to really dedicate themselves to what they do.

Who makes Dolce Gusto coffeemakers?

If Dolce Gusto coffee machines are a project initiated by Nestlé via Nescafé, from the outset the main partner was Krups, in charge of the manufacture of the machines. It should be noted that Nestlé had already entrusted part of the production of the Nespresso coffee machines to the German brand.

Krups is a company that was founded in 1846. Nearly two hundred years old, the company has offered household appliances top-end for several decades. But since it’s been owned by the French group SEB, it specializes in coffee makers and also offers access to several high quality appliances for preparing breakfast.

Currently all Dolce Gusto coffee machines are manufactured and distributed by Krups. And in France, half of these machines have been elected Product of the Year by consumers.

How do you use a Dolce Gusto coffeemaker?

First of all it is necessary to check the water level in the tank, position a cup (and possibly adapt the cup rest) and finally put a capsule in place.

Then comes the time to switch on the machine and thus the beginning of the preheating (about 30 seconds). Caution, on some models, the power must be turned on first to allow access to the pod compartment.

On an automatic coffee maker, you have to dim the lights, that means the amount of water. Then press the red (hot water) or blue (cold water) button and the preparation begins.

On a manual coffee machine, simply press the red or blue button until you have the desired level of water in your cup. In some cases, this is a lever that is positioned on the right or left and must be put back in the centre to stop the flow of water.

Before removing your mug, you must throw the capsule in the trash. This will ensure that you do not have a problem with water leaks. Finally, you can drink your coffee, cappuccino or other.

Is it easy to maintain such a capsule coffee maker? How do I descale a Dolce Gusto?

For daily maintenance, all removable parts are dishwasher safe. The outside of the coffee maker can be cleaned with a sponge. Just avoid using the scraping side of the sponge, otherwise the colour will be scratched and eventually disappear.

Then 2 or 3 times a year, it is necessary to plan to make a descaling of the internal system of the coffee maker, that means the piping from the tank to the spout. To do this, you must use a specific detergent (not white vinegar). Dolce Gusto has set up a descaling process that only takes about fifteen minutes!

➔ Learn more at how to descale a Dolce Gusto coffeemaker.

Which coffeemaker to choose: Dolce Gusto or Tassimo?

To find out what to buy, Dolce Gusto or Tassimo, there are several points to consider.

The drinks obtained are not exactly the same. There is a large choice of capsules (more than with Senseo or Nespresso) in both cases. The brands are not the same, however. Dolce Gusto gives access to Nesquick chocolate, while Tassimo offers Milka. And in both cases, there are compatible capsules from many brands.

On the other hand, a Dolce Gusto coffee machine has a much higher pressure than a Tassimo. The pressure is 15 bars for the former against a little more than 3 bars for the latter. The result on Dolce Gusto is more like a creamy drink and a real espresso. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

For the rest, with regard to the prices, maintenance and even strength, the two brands are very similar. It is only in terms of design that the styles are very different, but the choice is then totally personal.

What are the differences between Nespresso and Dolce Gusto?

Coffee machines Nespresso and Dolce Gusto are appliances designed and marketed by the Nestlé Group. The same manufacturer, Krups, is behind various models. But the resemblance stops there.

Indeed, Nespresso is positioned on high-end equipment with communication, packaging and quality of service directly inspired by what is practiced in the luxury industry. Conversely, Dolce Gusto is designed to take its place in as many kitchens as possible. These are appliances available at financially, sold very widely and with many different capsules.

How much does a Dolce Gusto coffee machine cost?

Although the recommended retail price ranges from €80 to €250, in practice the cheapest Dolce Gusto capsule machines are actually sold from €50. Just take your time to compare before ordering.

Where to buy a cheap Dolce Gusto?

A Dolce Gusto coffee machine is a style of capsule coffeemaker that is very easy to find. It is therefore possible to buy them at the supermarket from around here, although the choice may be limited. Or you can order online or go to a appliance store.

Here are some signs where you should find your happiness: Carrefour, Leclerc, Auchan, Darty, Boulanger, Conforama, Électro dépôt, Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, BUT, Carrefour, La Redoute and of course Dolce Gusto online store.

The price being free, there can be a big difference from one shop to another, always think to compare before ordering.

The best time to buy is at a special offer whether it is during the balances, the Black Friday or a private sale. Also if you order online, please check with your shopping cart the price of delivery.