Product of the year, the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Movenza

Product of the year, the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Movenza

I didn’t buy it because it was labelled « Product of the Year », but it’s nice to see that you have a good product that other consumers validate.

The Movenza, whose full name is Cafetière Nescafé Dolce Gusto Movenza yy2769fd is probably the most designer coffee machine of the moment. Imagine a coffee bean that becomes a drop! Initially it was only available in black, which was increasing to its class. Now it can be ordered in black and silver and I find it immediately much less beautiful.

Description of the Dolce Gusto Movenza

Product of the year, the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Movenza

At Dolce Gusto’s, coffee makers make hot and cold drinks. The pressure is 15 bars to extract a real espresso and have cream on top. For the rest, each model has its own little specificities.

The new Dolce gusto (well, as time goes by it is less and less new) combines elegance and efficiency. It has a one-litre tank, which is suitable for a couple or a workplace shared by three or four people. Indeed, one litre means 5 long coffees and about ten espressos. If you are a gourmet and you prepare an XL coffee, you have to fill the tank after the second cup… In any case it is a much larger tank than the one of la Dolce Gusto Piccolo and its 0.6 l.

When closed, the machine looks like a coffee bean. The tank’s in the back. The unit is elegant and easy to clean with a sponge.
Open, it’s more like a drop in the air. Finally, when you look at the machine from the front, because from the side, you can see a joystick. In this position, the height of the cup rest can be adjusted at three different levels.

The top of the machine is a bit like the control room. This is where the dolce gusto capsules are inserted and the program is started. The screen is tactile. The intensity (actually the amount of water) is regulated and you decide whether you want to have a hot or cold drink. It is very intuitive and easy to use.

The handling and preparation of a Nescafé drink

Product of the year, the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Movenza

When receiving the machine, consider operating it without pods to circulate hot water through the pipes and clean it.

Then when everything is clean, comes the moment of your first coffee. Remember to buy pods at the same time as the machine to avoid having to wait.

To begin with, the tank must be filled, or at least checked. Yes, the machine won’t tell you when the tank is empty and you could lose a pod because of that.
Turn on the machine, and during the 25 second warm-up period, put a capsule in its place.
Adjust the intensity (from 1 to 8) following the recommendations on the pod box packaging, or according to your own taste.
Finally, press the hot or cold button to start preparing the drink.

It takes 15 seconds for an espresso and 26 seconds for a long coffee. From what I’ve read online, it’s one of the fastest machines in existence!

Immediately after the end of the preparation: Remove the pod!
It’s not really an order I’m giving you, but very strong advice. As long as the capsule is in place, drops will continue to flow. Yes, the machine leaks and you can soon end up with coffee everywhere. But there is no leakage if there is no capsule in the machine.

How and when to descale your Dolce Gusto coffeemaker?

Product of the year, the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Movenza

The Movenza coffeemaker is one of those fantastic models that tells you when to descale the machine. The on/off button will blink orange to let you know when it’s time for cleaning. This does not take much time and increases the life expectancy of the coffeemaker and the quality of the drinks.

Consult this Nescafé coffee maker comparison to find out which machines are equipped with such an indicator light. La Dolce Gusto Drop is part of it for example.

Dolce Gusto Movenza: reviews and prices

Product of the year, the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Movenza

The initial price of the Movenza is 200 €. I bought it at 166 € and it is now at 157 € on amazon. Because of its design, this machine is on the side of luxury machines. Yet its new price makes it an affordable machine in relation to the quality it offers.

In pleasant surprises that this coffeemaker offers, I’m retaining its design. But I also appreciate the discreet preheating, the quick preparation of the drinks and the presence of a signal at the time of the détartrage.

On the other hand, the tank isn’t very easy to handle and an accident happened quickly. Actually, there is a helping hand to be had. So I advise you to understand the principle with an empty tank to avoid damage.
And I think it’s a shame that a machine of this price and with such a finish leaks if you leave a capsule in it.

The plusses:

  • fast and discreet preheating
  • espresso in 40 seconds
  • graceful design
  • descaling indicator

The least:

  • no indicators for the tank
  • leak if you leave a capsule in place


The Dolce Gusto is a beautiful coffee maker for coffee lovers looking for a design object for their kitchen or office. It’s a far cry from the flashy simplicity of cheap coffee makers.