Which portable coffee machine to choose?

You’ve just arrived in the category of nomadic coffee machines of the Top Coffee maker site dedicated to coffee maker reviews and tests. Here you will be able to read complete and argued reviews. They include all the technical and practical information you need to get a good idea of each portable espresso machine. These machines are still rare and there are few models available.


The Handpresso Handcoffee Auto is a coffee maker running on the cigarette lighter. Cold water is poured in and you get a hot espresso. The Handpresso Pump, formerly the Handpresso Hybrid, works with the only source of energy the strength of our arms. All you have to do is pump to get your coffee. You can even choose to put in an ESE pod or ground coffee directly. And in the middle of all these austere models are the Handpresso Pump Pop, very similar to the previous model, but with the merit of being available in green, pink and blue. Very pop colours!


To save time, you can also directly read the comparison on portable espresso machines. The aim is to enable you to purchase a portable espresso machine with full knowledge of the facts. Of course the notices also linger on the pods so that you know where to buy them, what type of coffee is needed, what drink you get… But beware, unlike the other coffee machines on our site, here, no caramel cappuccino or hot chocolate, these portable coffee machines only serve real espresso.