Top of the range in the car, the Handpresso Auto 48266 box set

Top of the range in the car, the Handpresso Auto 48266 box set

There’s nothing like a good coffee during a well-deserved break when you’re on the road all day long. Last year I was working on long distances where the highway was indispensable. So I was a regular at petrol stations and their coffee of varying quality.

Nowadays I mainly go through villages, I do less kilometers per day (and more clients) and it’s the horror of finding a place to get a coffee.

That’s probably why my wife gave me the luxurious Handpresso Auto 48266 box set for Christmas. It contains a nomadic coffeemaker which allows you to make coffee in the car by plugging into the cigarette lighter.

The Handpresso Auto coffeemaker, sober and robust

Top of the range in the car, the Handpresso Auto 48266 box set

The device itself is a black cylinder that looks very robust. The whole is sober and designed to be practical. The electrical cord can be easily wrapped and fixed around the appliance.
The only originality is the dial that allows us to follow the preparation of our coffee. An aesthetic detail that reminds me of the compasses of the adventurers of previous centuries.

This nomadic coffee machine is also very efficient. It has a pressure of 16 bars, which makes it possible to obtain a real espresso and not a sock juice worthy of an instant coffee.

The box is actually a suitcase which, once opened, serves as tray. In fact, the Handpresso Auto does not fit into standard cup holders, unlike the more economical (but also more basic) one Handcoffee Auto.

The suitcase allows you to have everything at hand and to make coffee without accident. It includes two unbreakable cups (that means made of transparent plastic), a towel, a filter holder and an adapter for ground coffee.

Cause that’s my favorite part of this machine, like the Handpresso pump it’s a hybrid coffeemaker, accepting pods and ground coffee. The pods to buy are the ESEs, available in supermarkets. The Illy brand is really great and I think it’s the easiest solution in the car. On the other hand, I have already planned that for the holidays, I will take the ground coffee I use at home

How do you make coffee in the car?

Top of the range in the car, the Handpresso Auto 48266 box set

To do well, you should have a small bottle of cold water, coffee and the Handpresso Auto suitcase with you.

The first step is to plug the coffee maker into the cigar lighter.
Then slowly add the cold water (the starter is a little delicate, so we go slowly). The coffee maker has a capacity of 0.05 l (5 cl), which means that it prepares a short coffee.
Add the pod or the ground coffee (using the right adapter) and close the machine.

The machine is equipped with three buttons. The central button (the ON button) is used to start the preheating. When three beeps are sounded, it is time for extraction. The coffee maker must then be turned over over the cup and the cup button pressed. When the coffee is served, press the stop button, while remaining well above the cup.

The whole thing takes about 4 minutes. This is of course longer than with any electric coffeemaker, but here the appliance is connected to 12V.

My opinion on Handpresso Auto

Top of the range in the car, the Handpresso Auto 48266 box set

Currently there are few choice between nomadic coffeemakers. And it’s even more limited when you know that on one side there are coffee machines on cigarette lighters for motorcyclists and motorists, and on the other side there are machines without electricity for hikers.

The Handpresso Auto set is a top-of-the-range model, in which everything has been thought out thoroughly. The unit is well-made, easy to handle and robust. It also offers a very good coffee. This quality is enhanced by the fact that a wide choice of coffee can be added. Indeed, even if you opt for ESE pods, many brands of coffee have taken to it and offer them. So you can really choose the type of espresso you want to drink.

There’s only handling that takes a little practice, and I find the briefcase makes life a lot easier. It’s easy to put the device and the cup down without getting anything dirty. I would have preferred real mugs, but even though they are made of plastic, they have a mug and not a cup look, which is not bad at all.

Finally maintenance is very simple, since only the filter holder needs to be rinsed.

Buying a car coffeemaker, how much does it cost?

Top of the range in the car, the Handpresso Auto 48266 box set

As I mentioned earlier, we have a top-of-the-line model here. The Handpresso Auto set costs 209 €. It is possible to buy the coffeemaker alone, without the case, but the price difference is then only about 40 €. As the suitcase serves as a tray and greatly simplifies the service, it is much better to opt for the box.

The lower-priced models are indeed much cheaper, but they also have less pressure and therefore lower coffee quality.

The plusses:

  • the box serves as a tray
  • 16 bar pressure
  • ESE pod or ground coffee
  • for cars and motorcycles

The least:

  • 4 minutes of preparation


The Handpresso Auto set is a great gift idea for Father’s Day for example. This nomadic coffee maker is particularly suitable for people who enjoy a good coffee and have to spend many hours in the car.