No batteries or electricity required, Handpresso Pump Black

No batteries or electricity required, Handpresso Pump Black

Following a long debate with my darling, I’ll give you the key information about this device right away.

Handpresso Pump Noir was originally marketed under the name Handpresso Wild Hydrid. Today it exists in three colours, which are an integral part of its name: Handpresso pump silver, handpresso pump white and the black model that I present to you.

There is also another collection, called Handpresso pump pop, available in green, pink and blue (each colour is associated with white). They are almost the same machines, but not completely.

So here, I’m only going to talk to you about the black Handpresso Pump, since that’s what it’s called at the moment!

Presentation of the portable coffee maker

No batteries or electricity required, Handpresso Pump Black

But what the hell a nomadic coffee maker? A new invention by digital nomads to stand out from the rest of the world?

Well, it’s not. It’s even a French product which aims to give you a really good espresso, full-bodied to the brim. All of this wherever you are. The brand offers several models and the best nomad espresso is the one you will succeed in preparing for yourself. For that we propose you a comparison of travel coffeemakers, because some work in the car, some without any power source other than your arms.

The Handpresso Pump suitable for anyone capable of pumping to re-inflate a bicycle tire. Because it is the energy put into the manual pumping that makes it possible to reach a pressure of 16 bars and thus to have a creamy espresso.

The machine has a capacity of 50 ml, So she only makes one coffee at a time and many people refuse to make a second one, even to extend their coffee. It still requires a bit of sport.

Another peculiarity is that your strength only increases the pressure. So you have to provide hot water by some other means. Either you have to bring a thermos that is really at the top (which is not the case with mine, after three hours of hiking, the water is far from the recommended 90°C), or you have to have something to heat the water.

In other words, the Handpresso pump is, in my opinion, to be reserved for camping, motorhome or sailing holidays.

Preparing a nomadic coffee with handpresso pump

No batteries or electricity required, Handpresso Pump Black

The preparation steps are in principle simple to do, but I advise you to do a trial run in private and with the manual before trying to impress anyone.

Step 1: Turn up the pressure! There is a small barometer that tells you when to stop.
Step 2: Place the coffee in the holder provided. It is possible to place pods or ground coffee.
Step 3: Add water, at an ideal temperature of 90°C.
Step 4: Start the coffee and serve your cup.

It is necessary to foresee 1 minute 30 to carry out its 4 steps as soon as you grasp the principle.

Pods are ESE, very similar to the senseo, they are smaller and more compact, as they serve espresso. But they are difficult to place, so you might as well take your ground coffee with you.

Handpresso Pump Noir, personal opinion

No batteries or electricity required, Handpresso Pump Black

As I said earlier, there’s a certain help wanted to be able to do everything without spilling anything. Clipping all the elements together is far from child’s play.

However, the coffee machine is robust so we don’t have to worry about manipulating it to make sure everything’s in the right place. Ditto pumping, nothing moves.

I’ve seen a lot of criticism about the size of the coffee. You get an espresso, a real one, as we seem to drink less and less with the appearance of electric coffee makers everywhere. So for me it’s just the right size: black, strong, strong coffee.

What is the price of Handpresso Pump?

No batteries or electricity required, Handpresso Pump Black

Its initial selling price is €99. Today we find this nomadic coffee maker at 92 €. The price hasn’t really gone down. The pop collection is a little less expensive since the recommended retail price is €80.

Okay, it’s a gadget that we can totally dispense with. But I love waking up to the smell of coffee and thanks to the Handpresso pump it’s possible to start the day well, wherever you are!

Note that there are a storage pocket on sale at 25 €. It’s not essential either, but it all depends on how you travel and why you bought this nomadic coffee maker. If it is well stored in a drawer in your motor home, the pouch is useless. If, like us, you sometimes go on a bicycle trip, the pouch will prevent frustrating accidents.

The plusses:

  • small and sturdy
  • without battery or electricity
  • accepts ground coffee and ESE pods
  • several colors
  • ready in 1 min 30 s

The least:

  • hot water requirement
  • hard to place pods


There’s very little in common between an electric coffee maker and a nomadic coffee maker, especially a model like the Handpresso Pump. Zero electricity consumption, no descaling to be done, no other possibilities than espresso…

But that’s exactly what makes it a great machine: it makes espresso the way you want it. All you have to do is test it with different coffee beans and vary the amount and packing of the coffee in its holder.

I can’t accept drinking freeze-dried coffee after that!