Compact and mobile the Minipresso GR

Compact and mobile the Minipresso GR

I discovered the concept of mobile coffeemaker during a hike in the Vosges. I was walking for the first time with a colleague and his friends and everyone had something to drink after lunch.

For some it was a vacuum of tea, for others a vacuum of coffee. And one of us had a Minipresso GR coffeemaker. So he bluffed everyone and I don’t think I’m the only one who fell for the same model a few days later.

This coffeemaker without electricity is for those who prefer a short, full-bodied espresso to a large mug of filter coffee!

Minipresso GR, pump coffee maker

Compact and mobile the Minipresso GR

This nomadic coffee maker model is designed to be taken with you on your travels. It is therefore compact and quite light. It measures 17 cm long by 6 cm wide and weighs 360gr. For some hikes it’s too much, just balance the bag and see what’s important to you.

The advantage of the Minipresso GR is that it operates without electricity. To get the coffee through, you have to pump. However, hot water must be provided for insertion, as there is nothing to heat the water. A detail not to forget when you pack the bag!

However, manual pumping does not limit the pressure in any way. It is evaluated around 8 bars and can go up to 10 bars for the more muscular. In other words, you can serve yourself a real espresso with cream on top.

When you order this model, you get everything and more to make a coffee. That is to say that the coffee maker is equipped with a dosing device (in the tank) and a cup. As accessories, you also receive a double tank (with a capacity of 120 ml) and a storage bag. Thanks to the second tank, it is possible to prepare two espressos or to make a long coffee.

Finally, please note that the Minipresso GR coffeemaker can be filled with grinded coffee, hence the abbreviation GR (for ground coffee, ground coffee). It is best not to confuse it with the Minipresso NS that’s loaded with Nespresso capsules.

How is the Minipresso GR used?

Compact and mobile the Minipresso GR

The Minipresso GR is very simple and even quite fast to operate. However, for the first time, you might as well do it at home, over a sink, because there is a little help to be had.

First you have to fill the tank with hot water.
Then you have to place the filter and fill it with coffee that has been slightly Remember to close it tightly.
Turn the plunger so that it comes out of its place and position yourself well above the cup. Then start pumping, trying to pump once every second.
Finally, when nothing comes out of the coffeemaker, enjoy your drink!
Tip: To make a good coffee, it is preferable that your Italian coffee maker or your nomadic coffee maker is rather hot. Some people recommend to fill the machine with hot water but without coffee and to make an empty turn, just to warm up the mechanism. If it’s a good idea, I might as well say that on a hike I’m not interested in this kind of approach at all.

So I just pour a little hot water on the filter to warm it up, before I put it in and put the coffee in it. And that alone improves the quality of the espresso!

My complete opinion on the Minipresso GR

Compact and mobile the Minipresso GR

On a hike, morale is super important. Dried fruits are indispensable as well as good company. I had tried for a while to put coffee in a thermos flask, but to make it worthwhile, I used to make a lot of filter coffee.

There, by being able make espresso, the dose of caffeine ingested is not the same, the smell is not the same, in short, the pleasure felt is not the same.

On the other hand, it is true that 360 grams, it’s a lot on some routes. For the day, I don’t have any worries about taking the Minipresso GR, coffee and hot water. But for a trek of a few days, it wouldn’t be possible at all.

What is the value for money?

Compact and mobile the Minipresso GR

I was quite surprised at the price. The Minipresso GR costs only €70. This comparison on nomadic coffee machines shows that it’s not the cheapest coffee maker. But in general, geeky products are very expensive in the hiking world.

As a result, this is a correct price, especially since the whole coffee maker seems to be solid and resistant.

What’s more, since you can put in the ground coffee of your choice, you can put in a coffee that is not too expensive, but no less tasty.

The plusses:

  • compact
  • real espresso
  • grinded coffee
  • sold with double tank
  • sold with its satchel

The least:

  • its weight


All in all, the Minipresso GR travel coffee machine is a solution for making a real espresso anywhere, using only the power of your hands!

I’m kidding, you have to provide hot water and ground coffee, but that’s just as well to say that it allows you to enjoy delicious espressos in sumptuous settings. And just for that alone, it’s worth it!