Minipresso NS, the Nespresso portable machine

Minipresso NS, the Nespresso portable machine

There’s no reason why you should have to do without coffee when you travel. As much as in Italy there are beautiful discoveries to be made anywhere, as much as the Belgians are not really the champions of coffee (and no, I’m not going to have my breakfast with a beer).

So I got myself the NS Minipresso, une machine à expresso portable. Simply put, with this coffeemaker, I can make espressos to my liking anywhere!

Presentation of the Nespresso car Minipresso NS

Minipresso NS, the Nespresso portable machine

In the Minipresso range, there are three different models, of which only two seem to be available in France: the NS and the GR.

The Minipresso NS is for use with Nespresso capsules. The Minipresso GR works with ground coffee. For the rest, they are pretty much the same machines, although the NS is more recent and therefore a bit more practical, it seems (but I haven’t tested the Minipresso GR).

Anyway, let’s get back to our coffeemaker.

The Minipresso NS is manufactured by Wacaco and it consists of a hand coffee maker. In fact, it works without electricity, simply thanks to the manual pressure of the coffee lover.

It’s also a very small coffee machine. It weighs 350 g and is 17.5 cm long. It is made to fit easily into a bag (or the saddlebags of your bike).

How to use the Nespresso portable Minipresso NS?

Minipresso NS, the Nespresso portable machine

If this machine is indeed a portable Nespresso, it has a very particular way of working. Fortunately the principle is easy to grasp and put into practice.

If you look carefully at the cylinder formed by the coffee maker, you can notice that there are two ends. You start by opening what I call the top (above the text) and there are insert the coffee capsule, and then we close it properly.

Then we open on the other side for fill with hot water. It is important to use very hot water, as there is some heat loss during preparation. It closes properly again.

Then unlock the plunger in the middle of the mini coffeemaker. Then you have to start pump. The first six pressures are fairly easy, it is a matter of pressurizing the device. Then it requires a little more muscle and above all not to move since the coffee starts to flow (about six more presses until there is no more water). It is necessary to pump gently and regularly.

You can tell right away from the cup that the coffee is creamy! The operation takes just under three minutes. That’s even faster than with the Handpresso Handcoffee auto that plugs into a cigarette lighter.

How do I maintain this Nespresso portable coffee machine?

The coffeemaker is not dishwasher safe (but usually if you can’t use a regular coffeemaker, you don’t have a dishwasher either). You just have to rinse the part where you put the pod and the head of the machine where the coffee comes out with water. A small brush is provided, but a hot water rinse will do the trick.

Wacaco Ninipresso review

Minipresso NS, the Nespresso portable machine

On the quality of the coffee, I have a somewhat complicated opinion. The coffee’s good, the result is far above what I expected from such a coffeemaker. However if the water poured into the coffee pot is not really hot, you get a warm coffee or even cold… So you have to be sure to have a hot water source to really enjoy it.

So I have a good coffee when we go renting, but when we ride our bikes, even if I fill the thermos with hot water, it’s not always great.

On the practicality of the coffee maker, it is much simpler than I thought. In fact there is only one button, one movement, to increase the pressure and to extract the coffee. It’s hard to go wrong. The first time, my coffee was totally cold, but as time goes by, you can take it out, save time (and limit the splashing).

Note that it is preferable to remove the capsule in a safe place. I often have leaks at this stage. So, indoors, we settle above the sink. And outside, we try not to settle just above the bag or his sandwich … But next to it, maintenance is quick and easy. It’s very much appreciated.

The price of a travel Nespresso like this?

Minipresso NS, the Nespresso portable machine

Currently the Minipresso NS is sold at 55 €. This is a price that I find quite correct, because we have a product with value for money.

On the other hand, it is important to note that Nespresso capsules are a little more expensive than the others.

There are other models of portable coffee machines, you can find out more about them in this comparison of nomadic coffee machine. You will see that the principle is always the same, as well as the price!

The plusses:

  • compact and lightweight
  • coffee in less than 3 min
  • nespresso capsules
  • modern design

The least:

  • hot water requirement


The Minipresso NS offers quality espressos, which, of course, cannot compete with an espresso savoured in the heart of Rome, but which warms the body and morale when you set off to swallow the miles on your bike.

Moreover, it is an elegant object, which can perfectly be considered as a Christmas or birthday present. It has a correct price, a modern design and it is within everyone’s reach to use it correctly.