How do you descale a coffee maker?

At Top Cafetières we help you to choose the electric coffee maker that will suit you best. We therefore offer you various articles to read before you buy. However there is a point not to neglect so that you don’t need to buy a new coffee machine two years later: maintenance of the coffee maker !
In this category we offer you complete articles to let you know how to descale a coffee maker, which product to use. And as each brand is different, we offer you adapted instructions for use. Yes, we’re not going to descale a Senseo coffeemaker the same way as we are going to descaling a Nespresso machine or cleaning a Dolce Gusto coffeemaker. First of all the start up is not the same, moreover it is preferable to buy a special descaling kit for electric coffee machines as a priority. Unfortunately, so-called alternative or ecological products tend to quickly damage electric coffee machines (by attacking the seals). Thus, we teach you how to descale a coffee pot without white vinegar !
So of course it’s not the same price as a litre of vinegar. And it’s a little more expensive to maintain a Nespresso than descaling a coffee maker Tassimo. Therefore, before buying a decalcifying tablet of any kind, look around for the right item (depending on the brand of your coffee maker). This way you will quickly save money by taking serious care of your machine.