How do I descale a Nespresso coffeemaker?

How do I descale a Nespresso coffeemaker?

You don’t always think about it when you buy a coffee maker, but it’s an essential element to have good coffee for many years in a row: you have to clean your Nespresso machine at regular intervals. Or, to be more precise, you have to descale it, i.e. in chase away the limescale that gets stuck in the pipes.

Here I offer you only the Nespresso descaling instructions. If you own another brand of coffee maker, discover all our articles in the descaling a coffee maker section.

How do you descale your Nespresso?

That is the essential question and that is why I am starting with it. To find out the « why » and « when », read on directly below in the article.

The maintenance of a Nespresso machine consists of two elements.
First of all weekly it is necessary to dish up all visible parts that come into contact with the coffee: the spout, the capsule collector, etc.

Then periodically, it is necessary to provide for decalcification. The operation takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. You will need a Nespresso descaling kit, several litres of water and a bowl with a capacity greater than that of your coffee maker’s tank.

How to use the Nespresso 4-step descaling kit?

1) Start by turning on the coffee maker first and then make sure that no more used capsules are left in it. Install under the spout a large bowl (or tupperware). Pour clean water and a whole bag of Nespresso descaler into the tank.

2) Descaling is started by a combination of buttons. As this varies from one model to another, you will have need your operating instructions. As an example, the descaling mode of the Nespresso Pixie is activated by pressing both buttons for three seconds at the same time.

3) Then just let the product pass completely through the machine. Then pour the product into the recovery bowl again for a second pass. At the end of this step, the longest one is done. All that remains is to rinse.

To do this, start with clean the tank and fill it completely with clean water. The rinsing process is carried out in the same way as descaling.

4) At the end of the rinsing process, simply exit the « descaling » mode and start making coffee!

Attention all coffee makers do not work the same way. Find out how clean a Senseo, how to descale a Tassimo or how to chase the limestone out of a Dolce Gusto.

Why descale my Nespresso electric coffee maker?

Limescale is naturally present in water and is not terribly troublesome except when brought to a boil. Under the heat the limestone hardens and clings to everything. It clogs the pipes and hinders the proper functioning of the coffee maker.

The direct consequence is a limited life expectancy of the coffee maker. And before that, the quality of the coffee deteriorates.

Do we have to do this often?

The frequency of descaling varies depending on the water you use. It is considered necessary to do it all 3 to 6 months. To space out the maintenance of the Nespresso machine, it is possible to use a filter jug.

Some machines are equipped with a light that indicates when it is time to decalcify. However, this indicator works according to the number of coffees that have been brewed and not the actual state of the coffeemaker.

Here are some signs that it’s high time to clean: the machine makes more noise than usual, the drinks are not as hot, the flow seems to be slower.

Can white vinegar be used to descale a Nespresso machine?

White vinegar seems to be the miracle product of our century. However, we forget a little quickly that it is acetic acid that attacks limestone and everything in its path. If white vinegar works miracles in a small Italian coffee maker, it is not suitable for electric coffee makers where there are seals inside the machine.

For exceptional use, if you have nothing on hand, white vinegar will effectively remove limescale. But for regular use, which should increase the life expectancy of the coffee maker, avoid white vinegar.

There are very good descaling kits available from Nespresso or why not from another brand. The important thing is to mention its use on an electric coffee maker. Then follow the instructions concerning the dilution of the product in water.

Presentation of the Nespresso descaling kit

The manufacturers of electric coffee makers sometimes protect themselves by excluding from the warranty a machine that has not been maintained with products of the same brand. This can be important during the first two years of the machine’s life.

This is why we advise you to to use the Nespresso decalcifying kit as a priority on your Nespresso electric coffeemaker, regardless of model.

This kit includes two bags of products which must be diluted with water. This allows for two different uses: one year of descaling if your water is not too hard. There are also complete instructions for use. Please note that, contrary to what is found on other machines, these are not Nespresso descaling capsules, but a liquid product that is poured into the tank.

The other advantage of this Nespresso decalcifying product is that it is highly effective. It leaves no smell or taste and you immediately notice that the water flows more easily through the machine.


I don’t like to clean up, but finally descaling a coffee maker is extremely simple since all you have to do is fill the tank and empty the recovery bowl. It would be a shame not to do it, because instead of saving time, you seriously risk losing your coffee maker…