How to descale a Tassimo coffeemaker?

How to descale a Tassimo coffeemaker?

Tassimo coffeemakers are my favourite when it comes to cleaning and descaling. Descaling with a Tassimo machine couldn’t be easier.

I suggest you to discover this right away, but also to take stock of alternative products (grandmothers’ tricks) and the rhythm at which maintenance is necessary.

The steps for descaling a Tassimo coffeemaker?

Each Tassimo coffee machine is sold with a T Disc. It is a yellow plastic disc in the shape of a pod, with a barcode on one side. It is usually placed somewhere on the machine, behind the tank or on one side. It is the essential element for the maintenance of a Tassimo machine. But don’t worry, if you’ve lost it, it’s possible to buy a new one easily by following this link Bosch cleaning disc for coffee machine.

You also need descaling tablets Tassimo, two tablets per decalcifying.

The Tassimo descaling instruction manual is really simple.

Fill the water tank with water and add the tablets. Place the T Disc in the pod holder. Place an empty container with a capacity of one litre under the spout.

Start descaling by pressing the start/stop button for five seconds. The procedure takes about thirty minutes. Continue with rinsing. Clean and then fill the tank with clean water. Then simply press the start/stop button once. This cleaning cycle has to be repeated three times to completely flush the product.

Now all you have to do is put the T Disc away and enjoy your clean machine.

Careful, I’m only explaining here how to descale a Tassimo. To clean an electric coffee maker of another brand, you will need to consult a specific article : clean a Nespresso, entretenir une Senseo et descale a Dolce Gusto.

Why descale my Tassimo Bosch electric coffee maker?

Limescale appears when water is heated. This is unavoidable even with spring water. However, not all water has the same hardness and limescale does not appear at the same speed and does not cause the same damage everywhere.

Limescale weakens the electric coffee maker from the inside. It diminishes his ability to make coffee. It is then served with more difficulty, even with more noise and less taste. It is therefore essential to maintain your Tassimo regularly.

Do we have to do this often?

Tassimo advises to descale approximately every three months. Moreover, the machines have an indicator light that indicates when it is time to descale. However, it does not say why this light comes on. We can assume that it works in the same way as on the Senseo machines, i.e. by switching on after a specific number of drinks have been prepared.

Therefore, the ideal is to Know the hardness of the water you use yourself. With average water, one descaling every six months can be sufficient, if you do not drink several litres of coffee a day. With hard water, you will have to clean more often, or invest in a filter jug. This will limit the amount of limescale in the coffee maker.

Can white vinegar or coke be used to maintain a Tassimo machine?

The main problem with white vinegar or coca is that they are made to clean indiscriminately. Nothing is better than coca to clean the bottom of a toilet or white vinegar to clean a battered pot.

But electric coffee makers have a whole internal mechanism that is not 100% made of the same material. And on the gaskets, strong products like Coke and white vinegar ruin everything. This is why it is preferable to use specific products for an electric coffee maker and not alternative solutions.

If you feel it’s not environmentally friendly, do a quick calculation: what pollutes more between buying a new coffeemaker every two or three years and buying dedicated products once a year?

Presentation of Tassimo descaling tablets

The ideal is to use the same brand products as the coffee maker. This can be seen as a way for manufacturers to make a little more money. For me, I see it as a solution to keep the same coffee machine as long as possible without having to worry about it.

This means that Tassimo descaling tablets by Bosch are suitable for all Tassimo coffee machines. For about 8 € you receive a set of four tablets and a complete leaflet. This makes it possible to do two descalers. With fresh water, this kit is sufficient for one year. If you have fairly hard water, don’t hesitate to order two packs at the same time, as you will have to clean twice as much.

These lozenges are really well graded and give full satisfaction to all Tassimo lovers. They are also the cheapest coffee pods for cleaning coffee makers that exist.


I hope you now know everything you need to know to properly maintain a Tassimo coffeemaker. Don’t forget to wash the various parts that come into contact with the coffee every week. All you need is water and dishwashing detergent. Suggestion: I saw that t-disc are on sale on amazon. Small price, but a link can always be interesting.