How to descale a Senseo coffeemaker?

How to descale a Senseo coffeemaker?

When you received your coffeemaker, your priority was to know how to make a good coffee. But time goes by and your coffeemaker seems to age badly. The most likely reason is that it is crusting, or more precisely, that limescale is building up all over the inside of the machine. You will therefore need to get a Senseo descaler quickly to regain the pleasure of a well-prepared hot drink.

To help you take care of your coffeemaker, I suggest you find out right away how to descale a Philips Senseo coffeemaker and which product to use.

What are the instructions for descaling a Senseo?

I propose you to discover here a simple explanation for the maintenance of a Senseo machine. Unfortunately Senseo has not harmonized the descaling and therefore it is not exactly the same from one machine to another.

For descaling an original Senseo, it takes about 30 minutes. You will need a bowl of more than 1.5 litres that can fit under the spout, two used Senseo sachets and two sachets of Senseo descaling agent.

1) First prepare the product by pouring 1 sachet into 1 litre of water. Fill the tank and turn on the coffee maker. Install the pod holder a cup with a used sachet. You will then empty the entire tank by regularly pressing the « two-cup » button.

2) When the tank is empty, the bowl must also be emptied and the second dose of product prepared. This time the two-cup pod holder must be fitted with a new, used pod. Then empty the tank again by pressing the two-cup button.

3) The last step is to rinse the machine. First wash the tank, remove the used pod and leave only the pod holder in place. Install the tank full of clean water and circulate all the water. Descaling is then complete.

Decalcifying the Senseo Twist

For descale the Twist senseo it’s even simpler. There is no need to press the device at regular intervals. The machine takes care of emptying the entire tank itself. However, the first thing to remember is to remove the filter cartridge and install a used pod. Then only one cleaning will be necessary.

To start descaling, press both buttons (one cup and two cups) at the same time for three seconds. To rinse the appliance, do the same with a clean water tank and then press the two buttons again for three seconds. The entire cleaning process takes fifteen minutes.

Some Senseo coffeemakers can be cleaned with a mixture of these two instructions, such as the Senseo Viva Café whose tank empties itself completely, but for which the procedure is done first with one pod holder and then with the other. To be sure to do it right, it is best to consult your own instructions.

Why descale my Senseo electric coffee maker?

Decalcifying allows you to get the most out of your coffee maker. Indeed, it eliminates the limescale that accumulates in the pipes, improves the general quality of the machine and therefore the quality of the hot drinks that are prepared.

Do we have to do this often?

If you have a machine with a CALC light (for limescale), you will be asked to descale the machine every 400 cups. However, if you have very hard water, remember to do it more often yourself, every two or three months.

Be careful, descaling a coffee maker is not done in the same way or at the same rate depending on the brand of your coffee maker. Discover by clicking on the links comment détartrer une Nespresso, nettoyer une Tassimo ou entretenir une Dolce Gusto.

Can white vinegar be used to clean a Senseo machine?

White vinegar is actually acetic acid, is a very powerful chemical compound. It destroys everything in its path, making no distinction between a joint or limestone. So of course the joint holds up against such an attack, but after several cleanings leaks are likely to appear.

This is why it is strongly advised not to use white vinegar on a Senseo electric coffee maker (or any other brand).

Presentation of the Senseo Descaler Kit

Senseo advises to use Senseo special descaler as a priority, among other things because it knows the exact composition of this product, but also because the instructions are adapted to the dosage of this product. In other words, it simplifies everyone’s life.

In a box you get « 4 decalcifying procedures », a term that doesn’t mean much. In fact, it does, for less than 15 € you get 8 bags of 50 grams each. This makes it possible to carry out 4 descaling operations on the vast majority of Senseo machines. And you can even do 8 on some machines, such as the Senso Twist which is equipped with a filter cartridge.

Might as well say that given the price, it’s totally worth it. Especially since this product is particularly effective. And to find out how to use the Senseo descaler, take a look at the beginning of this article, because this is indeed the Philips descaler I’m talking about.


One of the other advantages of descaling is that the machine no longer seems to suffer with each coffee, making its walls and all its pipes shake. By descaling regularly, your machine will stay in perfect working order mint for a long time!