Efficiency and robustness with Krups Nespresso Essenza

Efficiency and robustness with Krups Nespresso Essenza

I’ve had for a few years the Nespresso coffeemaker, from the manufacturer Krups, model Nespresso YY1540FD Essenza, colour taupe (or earth). It is a compact, robust model that gives me complete satisfaction. And I shouldn’t be the only one, because this electric coffee maker is the best selling Amazon in its category!

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Nespresso essenza: its technical qualities

I live alone, so I chose an electric coffee machine that suits my needs. So the essenza machine only brews one cup at a time.

It has a tank capacity of 0.9 litres, which is more than la Nespresso Pixie. The ideal is to fill it every day to have a good quality water and therefore a better coffee.

Another asset is that it is more discreet than the majority of nespresso machines. Indeed, it emits only 54 dB. Moreover, its colour is also discreet, brown and black. For more punch, you have to turn to the Nespresso Inissia, available in white, red, blue or green…

The quality of the coffee is not neglected. The pressure is 19 bars, the coffee obtained is creamy. And the service is very fast. Indeed, nespresso krups essenza is equipped with the Thermoblock system. It takes less than 30 seconds to preheat the machine, then another 30 seconds to fill the cup. And there is no new pre-heating time if you want to start a second cup right away.

Between the pouring spout and the cup holder, it is possible to slide a cup of 8.5 cm maximum. Mugs do not fit unless you want to hold your cup while filling. Given the speed, it’s possible, but it’s far from comfortable. Better to be a fan of the classic French cup or espresso cup.

Finally, you should know that it is necessary to plan two to three decalcifications per year, depending on the quality of your water. It’s a very simple process, but it’s best to keep the manual for that. It is in fact a combination of pressing the only two buttons on the machine. Nespresso also offers an online video for those who have lost their manual.

How to use your Essenza coffeemaker

Efficiency and robustness with Krups Nespresso Essenza

There is nothing simpler than using this Nespresso coffee machine. Indeed, it has only two buttons, so it is very difficult to make a mistake.

First of all, fill the water tank or make sure there’s enough left. This step is unavoidable because the machine does not warn you if it runs out of water. In fact, the coffee maker will turn on, then when you discover that it doesn’t have enough water, it will block, your capsule will be ruined and you’ll have to start all over again.

When the tank is full, lift the lever and slide the capsule of your choice into its location. Lower the lever and place your cup. Press any button to start preheating. During this time both buttons will blink. When they stop, press the left button for a simple coffee or on the right button for a long cup of coffee.

When the coffee is ready, simply lift the lever again to drop the used capsule into the capsule « bin ». Don’t forget to empty it regularly…

Nespresso essence avis sur le long terme

Efficiency and robustness with Krups Nespresso Essenza

Operation and maintenance of this machine is child’s play. The coffees are good, you can quickly order capsules online. Prices vary from €0.25 to €0.36 per capsule. You can also find compatible capsules in supermarkets.

Moreover, by receiving the machine, one receives in gift 16 capsules to test the different existing models and be able to have your first coffee immediately!

It’s a Nespresso model with no surprises. It works well, even after many years of good and loyal service.

In fact, my only complaint is that she’s does not indicate that the tank is empty. There’s no warning light, no blocked startup, in short, you really have to take a look at the tank. Fortunately this one is transparent, so in itself it is not too difficult either.

That prix pour la Nespresso Essence ?

Efficiency and robustness with Krups Nespresso Essenza

Currently the model krups essenza nespresso terre yy1540fd is sold at 67 €. It is the cheapest model in the range. Moreover it is no longer on sale on the krups website, even though on amazon it is a huge success…

At Nespresso, you won’t find cheaper. However, if you wish to compare this machine to other models, please consult this complete comparison of Nespresso coffeemakers.

The plusses:

  • compact
  • its price
  • heats up in less than 30 seconds
  • coffee ready in less than 30 seconds
  • big tank

The lessers:

  • 9 cm max cup
  • no tank empty alarm


This coffee machine is for anyone looking for a machine that is super easy to use, no hassle and blends in with the decor. The bonus is its speed, the coffee is ready long before you have time to go out for breakfast.
So if you are looking for an economical, efficient and solid solution, Nespresso Essenza seems made for you!

nespresso essenza prix