Modular and intelligent: the Krups Nespresso U

Modular and intelligent: the Krups Nespresso U

The Krups Nespresso U model is very slender and behind its high form (28.5 cm) hides electric coffee maker mid-range that can be easily modulated.

The advantage of Nespresso machines is that from one machine to another there are constants, so there are no surprises. But each model has its own peculiarities. The krups yy1301 nespresso « u » pure cream (that’s its full name) can be summed up by two adjectives: modular and intelligent.

nespresso u avis

Presentation of Krups Nespresso U

U is pronounced « you », « toi » in English. You, the person to whom the coffeemaker will simplify coffee.

Like all Krups Nespresso Krups, this machine has a pressure of 19 bar. This is essential to be able to pass through the aluminium capsules and offer a creamy coffee.
Another of the brand’s classics, the Nespresso U is sold with 16 capsules and an indispensable manual. Yes, nespresso is always a bit mysterious when it comes to initiating a descaling process. So it’s best to keep the manual handy.

It is also a rather noisy machine, but no more or less than any other Nespresso coffeemaker. At its loudest, it emits 63 dB.

Its tank is on the small tank side, with a capacity of 0.7 l. Nothing to do with the Nespresso Essence.

New features of the nespresso U machine

Modular and intelligent: the Krups Nespresso U

In terms of design, the U is thin and high. It is partially made of recycled materials. And above all, its exterior is magnetized!

Because some elements can be adapted to your kitchen or office.
The power cord can be installed on the right or left side of the unit. The tank pivots on the rear of the machine. It can therefore be left in the extension (we have a long machine) or placed on one of the sides (it is then shorter and wider).

Finally, the cup holder (which also collects the drops) can be magnetized on one side. This makes it possible to slide a mug under the spout. Or you can empty the used mug tray quietly. By magnetizing it, you can make sure that it doesn’t spill with the coffee grounds in it and that you don’t lose it.

Another fundamental difference compared to the cheapest Nespresso machines: the machine keeps us informed of all.
It tells us when the water level in the tank is too low, when it is time to descale and even when the used capsule tray is full. We don’t have to bother, we don’t spend our time checking everything: the machine does it for us and will signal us when the time comes. In other words, it’s a long way from the simplicity of the the Nespresso Inissia.

Finally, it is touch-sensitive, but has only three backlit buttons for total simplicity. These three buttons are used to adjust the Nespresso U, as it is possible to choose three lengths of coffee: ristretto (25 ml), short (40 ml) or long (110 ml).

The machine can then be switched off by pressing any of the buttons for three seconds.

Making coffee with U de Nespresso

Modular and intelligent: the Krups Nespresso U

Three sizes of coffee mean different cup heights. There are actually two possible heights on this model of machine. For more varieties, please consult the Nespresso comparison. At most, you can slide a cup 8.5 cm high.

In fact, it is necessary to start by setting up the cup, because then everything goes really fast. You slide in the capsule, press the size of coffee you want, and less than a minute later the coffee is ready. The coffee maker starts the pre-heating (which lasts 25 seconds) and the extraction of the coffee at the same time. It takes from 20 seconds for a ristretto to 38 seconds for an elongated one.

The used capsule is then ejected by itself.

Always leave the cup holder (which catches the drops) under the spout after serving coffee. There is a risk of leakage and there are always a few drops that fall out after removing the cup.

It’s child’s play to pour yourself a cup of coffee.

Still take care of use only Nespresso capsules or compatible aluminum caps. Otherwise the capsules may get stuck and gradually damage your machine. In this case, the warranty does not apply.

Buy a Nespresso machine

Modular and intelligent: the Krups Nespresso U

Choosing a Nespresso coffeemaker means choosing an international brand with a great reputation. All this has a price, and these machines cost a little more than other brands.

With the Nespresso U, we’re on Nespresso U mid-range market. The white model costs 93 €. It is also available in red, black and earth. Depending on the colour, the price may vary.

For capsules, they are a little more expensive than other brands, but it is possible to lower the price (and not necessarily the quality of the coffee) by choosing compatible capsules from another brand.

The plusses:

  • detects the water level
  • indicator used capsule bin full
  • descaling alarm
  • 45 seconds for a ristretto
  • versatile device

The least:

  • 63 dB
  • some leaks


The Nespresso U is the coffee maker for those who do not want to have to burden their minds with the daily maintenance of their machine. Making coffee is disconcertingly simple and for the rest, it’s the coffeemaker that tells us when it’s time to do something.
All this without compromising the quality of the coffee and without having to invest in top-of-the-range equipment. What more could you ask for!

nespresso u avis