Ultra urbaine, the Nespresso Citiz Titane

Ultra urbaine, the Nespresso Citiz Titane

Among les cafetières Nespresso, there’s everything from imposing machines that command respect to very small, compact machines such as the Pixie coffeemaker that can fit almost anywhere. And then there are machines with a very thoughtful design suitable for specific interiors.

The Nespresso Citiz Titanium is inspired by urban decors, resulting in a thin (13 cm wide) and high machine that I like very much. I chose the Titanium color, despite its slightly higher price and for the moment I am not disappointed. It must be said that this is the second Nespresso I own and I am a fan of the brand which is, in my opinion, the only one to offer espressos worthy of the name.

Presentation of Nespresso Citiz

Since looks aren’t everything, and shouldn’t be your only buying criteria for something as important as coffee, here are some numbers on the Citiz machine.

13x28x37. His measurements are 13 cm wide, 28 cm high and 37 cm deep. It is thus easy to slip it into a small kitchen or in an office.

1l. Its tank is particularly large next to the vast majority of coffee makers that only receive 0.7 l or 0.8 l. It is a pity, however, that the tank is not graduated.

61 dB. Unfortunately, we have here a completely classic machine in terms of noise level. This means that the pre-heating is quiet and nobody can miss the fact that your coffee is about to be ready.

2. A key number on the Citiz! There’s two lengths of coffee available, or 40 ml for espresso and 110 ml for long coffee. This also means that there are only two buttons. And finally, both buttons are programmable to offer you the beverage size of your choice.

Nine minutes. This is the time after which the machine goes into standby mode.

10. The number of capsules that the used capsule tray can hold. This is a fairly average number for a Nespresso coffeemaker, but considering the size of the tank, it is a bit tight. In other words, we empty the container more often than we refill it with water.

40 seconds. I’ve saved the best for last, so all I need to do is 40 seconds to make an espresso, preheating included. It’s really super fast, especially since the second espresso doesn’t need to be pre-heated, so it can be ready in just 15 seconds. This time is longer if you want to make a long coffee.

Nespresso citiz: automatic and programmable coffee maker

Ultra urbaine, the Nespresso Citiz Titane
Making coffee with a Nespresso machine is very simple. You place the capsule in it, make sure you have closed the top by piercing the capsule as you go through and finally you launch the coffee by pressing one of the two buttons.

The coffee stop is automatic so you can toss your coffee when you finish clearing the table. There’s no need to think about it.

However, it is also possible to stop the water flow earlier. This is a way to have a slightly tighter coffee. Above all, it is possible to program the length of your coffee according to your own taste.

It couldn’t be simpler. Simply hold down the start button during extraction. Then you release the button and the flow stops. The length of the coffee is then automatically saved as your length for this button. As there are two start buttons (long or short), it is possible to save two different lengths.

My opinion about Nespresso Citiz Titanium

Ultra urbaine, the Nespresso Citiz Titane

Like all Nespresso machines, thanks to its 19 bar pressure, this coffeemaker allows you to have very good coffee, or even better, very good espressos. My current girlfriend regrets that the cappuccino option is not available on it, but whatever.

On the functioning, it’s child’s play to make a cup of coffee. I have read negative reviews on the installation of the capsules and the water flow, but all the problems were related to the use of « compatible » capsules of another brand than Nespresso.

Having always used only real Nespresso capsules, I have never had any problems. Especially since I don’t see the point of buying a Nespresso and then not drinking that brand of coffee. In this case, I might as well turn to a coffee maker that is much more flexible in terms of pods…

However, I regret the absence of a light indicating that the tank is empty. It’s still very practical and several models allow it, as you can see in the following pages the Nespresso comparison.

But my biggest disappointment comes from maintenance in general. All items to be cleaned are removable, but they are not dishwasher safe. Or the instructions are indispensable for handling such as descaling. It’s a pity that a simpler system does not exist.

How much does a Nespresso Citiz cost?

Ultra urbaine, the Nespresso Citiz Titane

This model is said to be mid-range, but it is already quite expensive. For the Titanium model (the most expensive), it costs 230 €. The other colours are a little cheaper, however, and will bring the price down to under €200.

Finally, the capsules are sold at various prices, always slightly more expensive than other brands, but still cheaper than a cup at the local café.

The plusses:

  • sound design
  • automatic time-out
  • programmable length
  • espresso in 40 sec
  • 1l tank.

The least:

  • does not indicate empty tank
  • complicated maintenance


Finally, the Citiz is another model of the Nespresso brand that stands out for its design and the possibility of programming the length of the coffee. For the rest, it is a fairly classic Nespresso coffeemaker, with the same strengths and weaknesses as the others.