Compact and backlit, the compact Nespresso Pixie

Compact and backlit, the compact Nespresso Pixie

In the great family of Nespresso coffeemaker, meet cute little krups yy1201 nespresso pixie.

With its look of a Parisian coffee maker, it gives access to the whole range of Nespresso brand coffees apart from cappuccinos (there’s no need to make milk foam). The pixie seems to have all the qualities of Nespresso with a small price.

Discovering the Nespresso Pixie machine

All the advantages of Nespresso’s electric coffee makers can be found on the pixie. It has a pressure of 19 bars which allows you to enjoy a real espresso. The machine is delivered with a discovery box of 16 tasting capsules.

Finally, it is also equipped with a used capsule collector. After extracting the coffee, simply lift the arm on top of the coffeemaker to eject the capsule. This collector can hold up to 11 capsules. It must therefore be emptied each time you fill the tank (approximately).

Next to that, here’s the specificities of Nespresso krups yy1201fd titanium pixie (this is indeed his full name).

This coffeemaker is compact. It measures 32.1 x 11.1 x 25.5 cm. It is lower than the luxurious Nespresso Citiz Titanium for example. On the other hand, a compact machine also has a smaller tank. It can hold 0.7 litres of water. This still corresponds to six long coffees and about ten short coffees. In other words, there is plenty to do before going to the tap and back.

The cup rest can be placed at two different heights. This makes it possible to use a large cup (mug or macchiato glass).

Side design, we’re looking at an elegant, modern machine, so the sides remind me of the coffee makers you find in coffee shops. We are far from the softness and roundness of la Nespresso Inissia.

How do I use the Nespresso Pixie coffeemaker?

Compact and backlit, the compact Nespresso Pixie

As with all Nespresso machines, operation is quite simple.

Simply switch on the machine, place the capsule and press a button (long coffee or short coffee according to your choice), to start extraction.

Then, just before reaching for your cup, I advise you to raise your arm on top to eject the capsule. The machine will also stop by itself after 9 minutes.

The coffee maker signals when the tank is not full enough not to start an empty coffee.

And for descaling, the manual explains everything, but it’s even easier to watch one of the videos on the Nespresso site or on YouTube.

However, during the coffee extraction process, the machine is quite noisy. It emits 60 dB. It’s a pity, because I’ve seen that other models of the same brand are more discreet.

My opinion on Krups’ Nespresso pixie

Compact and backlit, the compact Nespresso Pixie

When I placed the order, I wondered which machine to choose: Nespresso citiz ou pixie. They are quite similar in design, but they don’t have exactly the same price. Yes, the Pixie is up to €100 cheaper by playing on prices that vary from one colour to another.

I have to say that I don’t find the Pixie to offer anything out of the ordinary compared to other Nespresso machines. Just take a look at this comparison between Nespresso coffeemakers. But she offers everything you need to make a good espresso in less than a minute.

In fact, she’s offering simplicity !

So she’s preparing a coffee in a minute. It takes about 30 seconds to preheat followed by 30 seconds to extract a short coffee (and a little longer for a long coffee). Not all the coffees sold by Nespresso are of the same quality (and here there is a lot of subjectivity). So I think it’s a very good thing to be able to test several different coffees with the box of 16 tasting capsules. This way you know which pod to order with full knowledge of the facts.

It is only at the level of the noise emitted that it is a little disappointing.

What is the price of Nespresso pixie?

Compact and backlit, the compact Nespresso Pixie

Currently the cheapest Pixie is sold on amazon for 90 €. On the other merchant sites, you have to count from 100 to 120 €.

So much for the fact that we have here great value for money for a Nespresso machine.

I mention this for those of you who don’t know, but Nespresso capsules are only sold in the Nespresso shop or online. You can’t find them in supermarkets. Their price is around €0.35 per capsule, which is above most other capsules for electric coffee makers. It is therefore ideal to plan to make large orders during a promotion.

I would also like to remind you that Nespresso allows you to have real espresso, which is not the case with Senseo serving filter coffee, not really to my taste.

The plusses:

  • backlit
  • water level detection
  • 2 sizes of coffee
  • suitable for large cups
  • stops after 9 minutes

The least:

  • noise


Nespresso is a sure value in terms of coffee. The capsules are designed to protect the coffee beans, selected from the finest vintages. The quality is always there unless you have forgotten to descale the machine.

But this quality often comes at a slightly excessive price. By opting for the Pixie, you can afford Nespresso coffees for a very fair price. What’s more, it’s a robust machine that’s designed to spend many years with you.