The highly connected Nespresso Prodigio

The highly connected Nespresso Prodigio

Nespresso coffee makers are synonymous with good coffee. They are easy to handle machines whose capsules are expensive, but are a sure value. And then I saw the Nespresso Prodigio, which really stands out from the other models with an extra option: it’s a connected coffee machine ! It’s a new kind of coffee maker.

Presentation of the Nespresso Prodigio

In principle we have here a rather classic Nespresso machine, just have a look at the Nespresso coffeemaker guide to convince himself of that. Indeed this machine has a pressure of 19 bars, which guarantees a slightly creamy coffee.

You can also choose three lengths of coffee: long, espresso and ristretto. And for that there are two cup heights. The setting is made when you start the coffee, so it can be adjusted to suit your individual needs. By the way, all the buttons on controls are on top of the machine.

Well, it’s very limited, since the idea is to use your smartphone for a lot of things. You place the capsule on top, choose the length of your coffee and press the start button from there. I mention this because it means that it’s not possible to install the machine on a shelf that’s a bit too high, or some people won’t be able to make their coffee alone anymore.

Small novelty on this model, used capsules are ejected automatically. You don’t have to think about it anymore.

Like most machines Nespresso, an automatic sleep mode takes place after a 9-minute break. However, if this time seems too short, it can be changed to 30 minutes. And as I said in introduction, this coffee maker is equipped with a Bluetooth chip, which allows you to control it from your smartphone.

Prodigio, the nespresso connectée machine

The highly connected Nespresso ProdigioWhen discovering the Prodigio machine, there are two things to do in order to make a good coffee. Finally I’m exaggerating, because only one is essential: run three vacuum coffees, to rinse all the pipes of the coffeemaker.

Then it is possible to make a coffee manually. Or the time has come to discover the nespresso application, available for free on iOS and Android.

From your smartphone, you can manage three different elements:

– maintenance of the coffee maker;
– the remote launch of a coffee shop;
– the capsule stock.

Some items are more gadgets than others. For example, the application sends us a notification when the water tank is empty. But since it’s a transparent tank, let’s just say that we quickly realize this on our own. It also notifies us when it’s time to empty the used capsule receptacle or, better yet, when it’s time to do descaling of the machine. This last point is really interesting, since descaling increases the life expectancy of a coffee maker. It is necessary to do this at regular intervals. However, while some coffee makers have a light that comes on to indicate when it is time to descale, this is not always the case with Nespresso, and the app is therefore very useful.

Starting a coffee from a distance has absolutely no interest since there is only 25 seconds of warm-up time and the app only works if a capsule is already loaded in the machine. In other words, the time needed to launch the app and then start a coffee is not worth it.

On the other hand it is possible to program the Nespresso coffeemaker and it’s immediately more interesting. In the evening, my husband likes to get everything ready for the next day so he can get up as late as possible. So with the app, you can prepare the coffee maker, set the coffee start time and not have to think about it when you get out of bed.

Finally, the last section of the application concerns the capsules. It allows you to track your stock of capsules and to know when to place an order.

How does the Nespresso Prodigio machine work?

The highly connected Nespresso Prodigio

You’d think this machine would be different from other Nespresso machines. And yet it isn’t. The manual operation, directly on the machine, is identical. And the use of the Nespresso application is very simple and intuitive.

It only takes one try to understand how everything works!

My opinion on Nespresso prodigio

The highly connected Nespresso Prodigio

I like the design of this coffeemaker. It is available in two colours (silver or titanium) and above all it is very high. It is 38 cm high and takes up little space at its base. It is also the water tank is rotating. It can be placed anywhere on the side or back of the coffee maker, depending on the space available. On the other hand it is a small tank (0.8 liter), it is a machine that is suitable for a couple or an office of two or three people.

The machine is also available in Prodigio & Milk version, that means with a milk tank to make cappuccinos for example. Then it costs a little more.

The only thing I regret is that he’s not no way to make coffee mugs.. For this purpose only the machine Nespresso Vertuo allows it for the time being.

As far as connectivity is concerned, I have a mixed opinion. Clearly for capsule management, it’s very convenient. I no longer need to monitor my stock and Nespresso promotions, everything is grouped together in the same place.

For the coffee programming, I think it’s not bad, but it should have included a capsule tank. That way the capsules would be on the machine and you wouldn’t have to move around to switch on the coffee capsule. Because this little detail makes you lose some of the interest in launching your coffee from your desk…

The plusses:

  • connected via Bluetooth
  • rotary water tank
  • heats up in 25 seconds
  • available in Prodigio & Milk version
  • signals the time to descale

The least:

  • no capsule reservoir
  • its price


For a first try of a connected coffee machine, I find that Nespresso is doing quite well at all. And one can only hope that this first Prodigio coffee maker opens the door to many other totally geeky possibilities.