The brand new Nespresso Vertuo

The brand new Nespresso Vertuo

The Nespresso coffeemakers are known for their excessive prices and the quality of their coffees. I believe that quality has a cost and that I am quite willing to pay it in certain circumstances. That’s why I bought the Nespresso Vertuo, whose full name is Krups Nespresso YY2779FD Vertuo, quite quickly after its release.

This is a new model of electric coffee maker, operating more efficiently thanks to Centrifusion technology and allowing the preparation of tasty and creamy XL coffees.

Introducing the Vertuo Nespresso YY2779FD

The main idea of this Nespresso Vertuo coffee maker is the possibility to prepare three lengths of coffee without having to think about it. You can have an espresso (40 ml), a lungo (150 ml) or a mug (230 ml). All you have to do is make your choice when you buy the Virtuo capsules and you won’t have to do anything else (see my description of use below).

Since you have to be able to make great coffees, the tank is really very important: it can receive 1.8 l of water. So you get a massive machine that is quite high and long. Nothing to do with la Nespresso Pixie easy to fit in here anywhere. Here, you have to anticipate the installation of the coffee maker and make sure you have room.

It also includes an internal receptacle for used capsules, with a capacity of 16.

On the indicator side, there’s nothing to indicate that the tank is empty. On the other hand, there is a signal for you to do descaling. By the way, I think it’s a shame that Nespresso didn’t take advantage of this brand new model to simplify the descaling process. It is a complex key combination that requires the manual.

The cup rest can be positioned in four different ways to accommodate any cup size.

Finally, with the Vertuo coffeemaker you will receive in gift 12 capsules in a box called a tasting box. Basically, this means that you receive several different flavors.

How do I use the Nespresso Vertuo coffeemaker?

The brand new Nespresso Vertuo

The overall handling has been simplified compared to previous machines.

First of all the opening of the coffee maker is automatic. That is to say, you start the movement (you raise slightly, lower a little) and the machine does the rest. It also ejects the used capsule.

Furthermore, Nespresso Vertuo only has one button, because there’s nothing to do. Two new technologies are combined to make making the perfect coffee a breeze.

First of all, the brand new Nespresso Vertuo capsules feature a barcode that the machine reads. From there, the coffeemaker manages the amount of water, temperature, etc. itself. We don’t have to do anything!

Then, in order to allow the preparation of great coffees without losing anything in quality, Nespresso has developed Centrifusion technology. This is a better diffusion of the water and a rotation of the capsules so that the coffee is good, no matter how much water is used.

All you have to do to make a coffee is to place the capsule, install a cup and turn it on.

How long does it take to make a cup of coffee?

It’s time for an update on centrifusion technology. One of its major drawbacks is that it takes time.

So the coffeemaker only puts 40 seconds to preheat, an average, but fair time. On the other hand, you have to wait 55 seconds for an espresso, 70 seconds for a long coffee and 108 seconds for a mug. All in all, including pre-heating and extraction, it takes 2 min 28 s to make an XL coffee.

That’s a long time! Coffee may be good, but some days, patience can be a problem…

My opinion about Nespresso Vertuo

The brand new Nespresso Vertuo

In silver linings, there is the simplicity of use. It’s child’s play to make a coffee. What’s more, there are absolutely no leaks, even if you don’t remove the used capsule within a minute. And when the tank is empty, the pod is not sacrificed. The machine pauses while it fills up and continues from where it left off.

Finally, Nespresso Vertuo is rather discreet. It emits only 53 dB and, if you’re used to other models, the difference in sound is obvious.

On the other hand, on the other hand, we can only regret that the old nespresso capsules are not compatible with this new machine. It also takes up a lot of space. And finally, it takes a long time to serve coffee.

Fortunately, the quality of the drinks is there to make up for these shortcomings, which I hope will disappear on future models.

What is the price of Nespresso YY2779FD Vertuo?

The brand new Nespresso Vertuo

Be careful, the official sale price is 250 € and I think it’s excessive. Luckily it’s easy to find Nespresso Vertuo on sale, like on amazon, where it’s currently at €164. That’s an immediately more correct price/quality ratio, as you can see if you compare Nespresso.

However, do not forget to include the price of the capsules at the time of purchase. They are quite expensive compared to other brands, they can only be bought online and there are currently no compatible capsules at a lower price.

The plusses:

  • three lengths of coffee
  • discreet
  • quality device
  • tasty and creamy coffee
  • large tank

The least:

  • capsule price
  • old non-compatible capsules
  • long preparation time


It’s nice to see that over time Nespresso improves its models by focusing on regularly mentioned points, such as leaks if the capsule stays in place. However, it is a pity that this requires the use of pods that are so new that they are no longer compatible with the old ones.

So at the moment, I think that Vertuo is reserved for lovers of great coffee. Lovers of short espresso have everything to gain by staying with the old range.