Which Senseo to choose?

Impossible to miss the Senseo coffee makers, they’re everywhere. But what are they really worth? At Top Coffee maker we took the time to compare Senseo coffeemakers to see if we could determine the best pod coffee maker. All the tests conducted are grouped in this category and take into account the technical aspect, the speed and the price of the Senseos.


Thus, discover the Senseo Original, the most basic model, for lovers of real mugs (not mugs). Those who only have large Anglo-Saxon mugs will have to prefer the Senseo Viva with its height adjustable spout. For the geeks, we advise you to discover the Senseo Twist which has a tactile control panel. Finally, heavy coffee drinkers will be able to avoid refilling the tank several times a day thanks to the Senseo Quadrante. You will see that it also has a very different design from the other machines.


And Senseo thinks of everyone. Thus all machines can prepare one or two cups at the same time. And old-fashioned coffee lovers can still make their coffee with the Senseo Switch. Imagine, this machine is a filter coffee maker and a coffee maker. It does both in one! With all this, you should be able to order a Senseo with full knowledge of the facts.