Choosing the right Senseo coffeemaker to prepare one or two cups of coffee at the same time


A Senseo coffeemaker works with compostable soft pods and is therefore presented as the most ecological system of the moment. All that remains now is to choose one coffee machine over another. To do so, you can directly pick from the best Senseo sales or learn to compare by yourself for a purchase that suits you completely.

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Senseo pod machines: our top 5

Here are the 5 Senseo coffeemakers currently most in demand. They have excellent online reviews, very good ratings and they are in the top sellers.

1. Philips HD6554/61 Senseo Original: Best Seller

philips hd6554/61 avis
The black Senseo Original coffee machine is the most purchased model of the brand. It has a classical design, Intuitive handling and a very competitive price affordable (it is usually sold at EUR 50).

This coffeemaker works with Senseo soft pods or compatible brands. The installation of the pod is very simple. Then it is possible to choose the service of one or two cups at the same time. You can also manually adjust the length of your coffee. However it remains a coffee maker automatic, which stops the flow of water by itself. It only takes 60 seconds to make two cups. The included Crema Plus option allows you to have a nice cream on top of your espresso.

In terms of handling, this Senseo from Philips is appreciated although some points could be improved. The drip tray is removable. But there is no adjustment possible for the cup. There is also no indicator light to indicate when it is time for descaling. ➔ Consult this opinion on the Original Senseo coffeemaker to learn more about its strengths and weaknesses.

2. Philips HD6564/81 SENSEO Viva Café Duo Select: adjustable and convenient

philips hd6564/81 machine à café à dosettes senseo viva café duo select rouge scintillant
The Senseo Philips Viva coffee maker is a coffee machine that costs just a little more (between 10 and 20 EUR more if you choose the Senseo Philips Viva) red or black) than the much appreciated Original coffeemaker and it has the merit of offering much more flexibility in handling right away.

Thus it is possible to select length of the drink (short or long) and the aroma booster option (a simple button to be placed on the left or right). The spout is also adjustable to the height of your cup to prevent splashing. The Crema Plus technology is automatically included and allows you to have a smooth crema on every espresso. And as with all Senseo coffeemakers, it is possible to prepare a single cup or a whole cup of coffee two cups at once.

On the technical data side, an indicator light informs that it is time to descale. The tank is 0.9 litre and it is transparent so that it always follows the amount of water available. The opening of the pod container is nimble. And the outside of the coffeemaker is easy to clean. ➔ More information is available in this opinion on the Senseo Viva café HD6564/81, complete and critical.

3. Philips Senseo Quadrante HD7866/21: silent and contemporary

philips hd7866/21 senseo machine a café à dosettes gris cachemire
Coffee machines make noise during extraction. This is almost unavoidable. However, since Senseo drinks are based on soft pods, the brand can more easily limit the noise level. And here, on the Senseo Quadrante coffeemaker made by Philips, the noise is no more than 52 dB, which is very correct.

The quadrante is also a coffee maker whose design blends quite easily into a kitchen or office. It forms a square block with a slightly shiny plastic exterior. It is available in several colours: elegant grey, black, white and red. Be careful, the price varies with the colour, but not the quality.

In less than two minutes, it is possible to prepare one or two cups of coffee. Indeed the preheating is 40 seconds in everything. When selecting the coffee, it is possible to choose the intensity and length. The cup rest can be adjusted to three different heights in order to avoid splashing. And the water tank is 1.2 litres, a large format. ➔ Before your purchase, don’t hesitate to ask for more detailed information with this opinion on the Senseo Quadrant.

4. Philips HD7866/61 SENSEO Quadrant: cheap and complete

philips hd7866/61 senseo quadrante machine à dosette noir
This Senseo Quadrante coffee machine is a model that has been manufactured by Philips and is used with a Senseo soft pod. It has all the Senseo features. So it is possible to prepare one or two cups. Removable elements are dishwasher safe. Preheating time is about 40 seconds.

In addition, this coffee maker makes it possible to select intensity and length of each cup, when starting the extraction. Its large 1.2 litres is well suited to a place where coffee lovers are numerous every day. And because the cup rest can be positioned at three different heights, everyone can use their favourite cup and avoid splashing everywhere. And, just one more little detail, the preparation is done in a quiet environment, since the extraction process does not emit more than 52 dB.

The black Senseo Quadrante has the added advantage of offering a very attractive price-performance ratio. Indeed, on Amazon, it is the cheapest coffeemaker in the Quadrante range, the other colours are even more than 100 EUR. ➔ For more information, see the full review of Senseo Quadrante.

5. Philips HD6592/81 SENSEO Switch 2 in 1: coffee pods and filter

philips hd6592/81 machine à café senseo switch 2 en 1
The Senseo Switch is the coffee machine that brings together the best of two worlds. It can be used as an electric coffee maker with soft pods. Or it can be set up in seconds to make filter coffee with a classic isothermal coffee pot (with 102 filters). The changeover (switch) is very easy. And the coffeemaker has only three buttons, so you can’t go wrong when you switch it on. You can choose between filter coffee, a single cup or two.

Manufactured by Philips, this coffee machine also has all the features of the Senseo machines. For example, it works with soft pods requiring only 2 bars of pressure to have a creamy espresso. Several colours are available (red, white, black), changing the price, but not influencing the overall quality.

The water tank has a capacity of one litre. The machine is 38 cm long which is relatively compact. As this review of the Senseo Switch shows, you just need to think about how to store the items you are not using. Where to put the coffee pot when using a pod? ➔ Before your purchase, don’t hesitate to ask for more detailed information with this opinion about the Senseo Switch 2 in 1.

What is a Senseo coffeemaker?

A Senseo coffee machine is a automatic and electric device which relies on the use of soft pods. In terms of handling, it is particularly easy to understand and is often found in places that are welcoming to many people (from the teacher’s room to a company meeting room).

Senseo pods offer a wide variety of beverages sold in all major supermarkets at low prices. And there is also a wide choice of compatible brands.

Why buy a Senseo for your hot drinks?

Senseo stands out from its competitors on two points.

First of all, it is the only range of coffee makers that can serve two cups at the same time. So you don’t serve one person at a time while politely waiting next to the machine. When the coffee break time is limited, this is a very valuable feature. On the other hand it is obvious that both cups must want the same coffee.

In addition, the soft pods Senseo have several assets. The first is that they are among the cheapest pods and capsules. In terms of budget over the year, this is quite appreciable. And this price is not to the detriment of taste. There is a wide choice of coffee as well as other drinks such as tea. What’s more, they are flexible, plastic-free and do not need to be recycled or disposed of with household waste. They can simply be composted.

But be careful, they do not allow you to prepare real espressos. For this, you should rather turn to a Nespresso coffeemaker.

How to choose your Senseo coffee machine?

To find out which Senseo coffee maker to buy, here are the features to consider. Don’t forget to think about your budget as well.

✓ Tank

The water tank can have a capacity ranging from 0.7 litres to 1.5 litres. That is to say, at the lowest level, it can prepare 6 cups. This capacity should be chosen according to the number of people consuming coffee during the day.

✓ Height under beak

The spout should be placed close to the cup to avoid splashing coffee on all sides. However, the cup must still be easy to install. And it is often possible to vary this distance by means of an adjustable cup rest. All measurements must be taken into account, from the lowest to the highest point.

✓ Mechanical or tactile

The majority of Senseo are mechanical. This means that you have to press a button to start making coffee. Only high-end Senseo products are equipped with a touch-sensitive control panel.

✓ Options

There is little choice in terms of options, but here’s what you can still find: the possibility to make filter coffee, automatic standby or total automatic switch-off, a dimmer switch, a light signal for descaling or the tank.

✓ Noise level

During the preparation of the drink, the coffee maker can become very noisy. However, Senseo stands out from competing brands with a noise level of no more than 60 dB. Each model has its own noise level, more or less annoying or discreet.

✓ Sizes and colours

Compare the dimensions, the colours, the design. Choose a coffeemaker that you like and that fits into the room where you want to install it. There are even regular limited editions with unique designs or special motifs.

The different types of Senseo coffee machines

Almost all Senseo coffeemakers look the same when it comes to how they work. However, there are two types of machines.

⇨ Podding machine

When we think of Senseo, we only imagine a coffee machine that works with soft pods and whose water pouring is automatic. This is indeed the case in 90% of the machines. They all allow you to serve one or two cups and the length of the coffee is always the same.

⇨ Pod and filter machine

A Senseo range allows you to alternate between the preparation of a coffee pod or a filter coffee. It is very easy to use and allows you to alternate preparations efficiently. It is a system that allows you to have a litre of coffee available when you have many guests. However, you need to have both ground coffee and pods at home. And there must also be room to store the items that you don’t use. Apart from that, the pods are similar to the classic models in terms of result and use.

Who makes Senseo coffeemakers?

Senseo is a concept that was developed by the appliance manufacturer Philips and the food group Jacobs Douwe Egberts, both Dutch companies.

This explains why all Senseo coffeemakers are made by Philips and carry both the Senseo logo and the Philips logo.

Philips is a ancient society, founded at the end of the 19th century. It started with luminaires and today it is present all over the world with luminaires still, but also with health appliances and everyday household appliances. Manufacturing is carried out in factories all over the world, including China, Spain and Poland.

At all levels Philips is a company reliable and serious. His products are regularly awarded prizes and consumers and consumer associations give him good marks. In terms of Senseo coffee makers, the brand has already received prestigious international awards such as IF Design Award or the Red Dot Award.

How to use a Senseo pod machine?

There is only one thing to understand about a Senseo: each coffee machine is sold with two pod holders. The simple design allows you to prepare a single cup. The double model has two pods for pour two cups at the same time or one large coffee.

It is therefore always necessary to start with pick the right pod holder, and then put the pod in the right direction. Also place your mug under the spout and take a look at the water tank to make sure it is full enough.

The button on turns on the machine and activates the preheating. Qhen the buttons are lit in a fixed colour (red or orange depending on the model), the coffee maker is ready, you can press any button. The symbols make it possible not to make a mistake between one or two cups. The two-cup button can be used to make a large drink. Just make sure that your mug is located under the two outlets of the spout.

As soon as the coffee’s ready, throw out the pod before anything else. As long as it’s in place, there are coffee drops that will leak. Then you can remove your cup and enjoy your drink.

Is it easy to maintain such a capsule coffee maker? How do I descale a Senseo?

There are several things to consider for maintenance.

First of all daily, the removable elements are all dishwasher safe. This makes it easy to keep everything clean quickly. For the rest, a soft sponge with or without soap will do the trick.

Then every 3 or 6 months, depending on how much coffee you drink, you need to schedule a Senseo descaling. This is a relatively simple process that takes only about 30 minutes. However, you must first buy descaling product and have a large bowl on hand. ➔ For more details, see the explanations for how to descale a Senseo coffee maker.

The tricky part is almost remembering to decalcify. However, this is an important step that directly affects the quality of your drinks and the temperature of the water. The simplest way to do this is to use a Senseo coffee machine with an indicator light for descaling. Otherwise you will have to make a note of it in your diary.

What to choose: Senseo or Tassimo coffeemaker?

In order to choose one brand or the other, you still have to decide which is the most important.

In terms of price, Senseo is cheaper, both when you buy the coffee machine and then when you buy the pods. On the other hand Tassimo offers a widest selection colours and design for coffee makers and an even wider choice of gourmet drinks.

If it’s the taste of coffee that’s important to you, then you need to take the time to try it out, using your friends’ machines for example. On the other hand, you should know that Tassimo makes it possible to have stronger coffees, a little bit closer to an espresso than what Senseo allows. Indeed the number of bars (the pressure) is not the same and the released aromas are more marked at Tassimo.

Can you make tea with a Senseo coffeemaker?

If you wish to buy only Senseo pods, it is impossible to prepare tea for you. Indeed, Senseo only sells pods made of coffee (including decaffeinated and cappuccino) and a range to make chocolate hot.

However, it is possible to buy Senseo compatible soft pods from other brands. And then you can have tea and even the herbal tea.

Can you serve a cold drink with a Senseo machine?

This type of appliance is designed to serve coffee and therefore the water served is always hot. To prepare cold drinks for you, there is only one brand that will meet your needs: Dolce Gusto.

How much does a Senseo cost?

The recommended retail price (i.e. the one announced by the manufacturer) of a Senseo machine varies from 50 to 160 €. However on online shops (Amazon, Darty or other), it is often possible to find each model a little cheaper than this recommended price. And in shops with limited competition, the price may also be higher.

Where to buy a cheap Senseo?

The Senseo pod machines are particularly suitable for easy to find. It seems that all supermarkets and household appliance stores offer them: Carrefour, Leclerc, Auchan, Darty, Boulanger, Conforama, Électro dépôt, Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, BUT, La Redoute, etc. And of course it is directly possible to buy on the Senseo online store.

To lower the price of your purchase, there are some tips.
Place your order at the right time. Favour sales, Black Friday or French Days. The rest of the year, make a comparison between sites. There are regular bargains such as a discount on the price of the coffee machine or many pods offered as gifts.

Also, before validating your basket, always compare the delivery charges and the commercial insurances or guarantees included. In France, many legal guarantees are systematic, it is very rarely relevant to pay for an additional guarantee.

Finally at the time of your order, do not forget to choose a few pods to be able to serve you a drink as soon as you receive your package.