Unique and economical the Original Senseo from Philips

Unique and economical the Original Senseo from Philips

This is the very first electric coffee maker I ever learned to use! The teacher’s room where I work has a red Original Senseo (which we buy our pods ourselves via a common pot). In fact it is not the very first Senseo but a more recent version whose exact reference is Philips hd7817/91 Senseo Original.

Presentation of the Original Senseo

Unique and economical the Original Senseo from Philips

According to the Philips website, it is the brand’s best-selling coffee maker. At the same time it is the cheapest coffeemaker of all les machines Senseo.

In principle, it is very basic.
It has a 0.7 l tank. One or two cups can be prepared at the same time and for this purpose it has two pod holders of different sizes. It has a rather low pressure of 1 bar (but as I don’t know the impact of the pressure on the coffee, I don’t see the difference with other machines, the coffee would be less strong, it seems).

The cup holder makes it possible to receive a mug or two small cups. Attention contrary to la Senseo Viva or even the Senseo Twist, the spout is fixed. It is not possible to adjust it to the ideal height for your cups.

The machine has only three buttons. The central button is used to switch on the machine and start the pre-heating process. On each side there is a button to start making coffee. A small pictogram on the top of the button explains its function: on the left only one coffee is brewed, on the right two are brewed. And that’s it!

The Senseo Original coffeemaker is equipped with an anti-scale system, but it’s still advisable to do it every couple of months or so. I can’t tell you more, I’ve never done it (and I wonder if anyone has ever done it on our machine…).

How do I use the Philips Senseo Original?

Unique and economical the Original Senseo from Philips

There’s no plain and simple. If you have read the previous description, you must have noticed that there are only three buttons.

  1. When the tank is full, the machine is switched on with the central button. The preheating starts. It takes about 30 seconds.
  2. Place the pod on the pod holder and close the top of the machine tightly. Install your cup.
  3. Press the left button for a single cup or the right button for two cups.
  4. Before you walk away, remember to throw away the pod right away, the next coffee lover who comes by will thank you.

Senseo pods

It is very easy to obtain Senseo pods, online or in store. Depending on the type of drink, it costs between 10 and 30 cents per pod. Let’s just say that chocolate is more expensive than classic espresso. There are about 15 different coffee pods.

In addition, other coffee brands have started to offer compatible pods, which greatly increases the possibilities, both in terms of flavour and price.

Moreover, these are pods, not capsules. It is therefore possible to throw them in the compost.

Senseo Original avis complet

Unique and economical the Original Senseo from Philips

When it comes to coffee, the taste is personal, it’s up to you to see if you like Senseo coffees. However, if you like full-bodied coffees, it is possible, since you can manually stop the preparation to have less water. Just press the start button.

The coffee maker, on the other hand, is the easiest to use. No hassle and I might as well say that for the first coffee of the day, it’s better.

The spout may be fixed, but it still allows you to slide the spout down to the bottom a cup with a maximum height of 10 cm. So we can help ourselves to a mug.

Maintenance is very easy, which is the advantage of an all-plastic unit.

On the other hand, you must always be careful to place the pods correctly, especially when preparing two cups at the same time. Indeed, when they are badly installed, there is a risk of leakage.

What value for money for the Senseo Original?

Unique and economical the Original Senseo from Philips

The official price of this machine is 80 €. But on amazon it is on sale at 50 € on special offer for the red model. Strangely, the price changes according to the color. From the most economical to the most expensive, you can order it in black, brown, silver or titanium.

It’s a cheap machine, and so are his pods. It brews a good coffee in a minute and has nothing against working all day long.

This top 10 best Senseo coffeemakers allows you to better understand the difference between this machine and others of the same brand.

The plusses:

  • its price
  • compostable pods
  • pod price
  • 1 or 2 cups
  • heats up in 30 seconds

The least:

  • fixed spout
  • only 0.7 l tank


The Senseo Original coffee machine is suitable for anyone looking for a simple, economical and efficient solution to have coffee all day long. We are in front of excellent value for money.

Moreover, if the Senseo has been on sale for years and even the most recent models do not succeed in dethroning it, it is not by chance.