Elegant and easy to store, the Senseo Quadrante

Elegant and easy to store, the Senseo Quadrante

Senseo is an essential brand for a coffee machine. Except that I find that most machines, including the Senseo Original which is a good example, look cheap. It’s a bit like buying a coffee machine to play with and not a real durable machine.

It was when I discovered the Senseo Quadrante coffee maker that I changed my mind. Also designed by Philips and sold under the Philips hd7866/61 Senseo Quadrante, it has a contemporary design that allows it to be easily integrated into any decor.

Technical presentation of Senseo Quadrante

Elegant and easy to store, the Senseo Quadrante

This Philips Quadrante coffeemaker was first introduced in a simple version and is now available in a more elaborate version with an intensity selector switch. This means that the machine is equipped with three buttons on the top and only one on the front, which can be slid up or down. It is the latter that changes the intensity.

We can choose to have a stronger coffee, but also a shorter one. It is symbolized by three coffee beans and allows a coffee of 60 ml. Or you can prepare a milder and longer coffee. It is symbolized by only two coffee beans and makes a 100 ml cup.

Like all Senseo, the Quadrante allows you to prepare one or two cups. To choose one or the other option, you have to start the coffee by pressing the right button on top of the machine.

The machine switches itself off after 30 minutes. This is quite a long time, so it is better to turn it off directly yourself.

The tank is installed on the side and is equipped with a handle. This makes it very easy to handle. It has a capacity of 1.2 l, which is even more than the Senseo Viva.

The cup holder can be set to three heights different. The handling is a little delicate and does not invite to change it several times during the day. But it has the merit of being possible.

Finally, this Senseo electric coffee maker is equipped with Flavour booster technology. In concrete terms, this means that the water-diffusing disc has many perforations so that the water falls on the entire pod. Better water diffusion results in a more fragrant drink.

Attention, contrary to what all advertisements may lead you to believe, the Senseo Quadrante cups are not supplied with the machine!

What pressure on a Senseo?

Elegant and easy to store, the Senseo Quadrante

All Senseo machines have a pressure between 1 and 2 bars, while nespresso machines are at 19 bars.

At first, I thought it just meant that the Senseo coffee was not as strong. I was only partially right. Senseo coffee makers do not allow you to make espresso, that to extract coffee with high pressure. Instead, you get filter coffees.

However, this is not the only reason for the big difference. Indeed, Nespresso coffees have their coffee enclosed in aluminium capsules. It takes a great deal of pressure to get through the capsule, the coffee and into the cup.

So indeed the taste of the coffee varies according to the intensity, but this is not a relevant criterion on its own.

How long does it take to make a coffee?

Elegant and easy to store, the Senseo Quadrante

The Senseo Quadrant is not the fastest Senseo as you can see in this comparatif Senseo. She’s still fairly quickly. It takes 40 seconds to preheat, followed by 30 seconds to prepare the coffee.
On the other hand, between two services, it is necessary to preheat again and therefore to be patient.

The use is child’s play. Lift the top of the machine, install the right pod holder (to prepare one or two cups) and the right number of pods. Close the lid, press to start the preheating, press again to start the coffee.

My opinion on the Senseo Quadrant

The positive point is really the design. Its square shape makes it easy to fit into a kitchen and avoids the loss of space inherent in rounded coffee makers.

In addition, its maintenance is very easy. All parts to be cleaned can be disassembled and put in the dishwasher. So there is not much to do.

Only for descaling, I find it a pity that there is no signal indicating when to do it. You have to think about it yourself every three months or so. And it’s best not to forget it. Descaling ensures that the machine works properly and that the coffee tastes good.

The last positive point is that its discretion. The lowest decibel count I’ve found outside of this machine is the 57 dB emission from Dolce Gusto. Here, at the loudest moment (during coffee preparation), the machine emits only 52 dB. It is not yet a silent machine, but I doubt it will ever be.

What is the price of the Senseo Quadrant?

Elegant and easy to store, the Senseo Quadrante

This electric coffee maker currently costs 83 €, in promo south amazon. If its indicated selling price is a little excessive, as soon as it is on sale, it is immediately more interesting and correct.

The problem with promos is that you never know how long they’re going to last, so it’s best not to hesitate too much.

It is available in three different colours: white, black and red.

The plusses:

  • discrete (52 dB)
  • flavour enhancer
  • intensity selection
  • design contemporain
  • machine washable part

The least:

  • no signal for descaling
  • 40 sec to preheat


The Senseo Quatrante is a machine designed for couples to see families with teenagers. It offers a large reservoir and the possibility to prepare two cups at the same time. It is easy to install in any kitchen.

And it’s easy to fill up with pods at the same time as the week’s shopping.