2 in 1 coffeemaker, the Senseo Switch

2 in 1 coffeemaker, the Senseo Switch

Until now I felt like Asterix the Gaul who refused to let a pod coffee maker go into her house. Even though I had enjoyed the coffee they offer at their friends’ place, I couldn’t see how it was compatible with the continuous flow of visitors I have throughout the week.

I like to be around people and my husband seems to like it too. So can you imagine making coffee at the end of the meal? When you have to make six cups on a coffeemaker that makes only one at a time? And the price in pods?

But then my filter coffee maker finally gave up on me, cowardly, and I had to buy a new machine. And so I ordered without any hesitation the Philips Senso Switch, which makes pod coffee and filter coffee! Why did I choose a Senseo coffeemaker? Because this brand is the only one to offer this system!

Presentation of the Senseo Switch

2 in 1 coffeemaker, the Senseo Switch

This 2 in 1 coffeemaker is a beautiful machine all in length (38 cm) and quite thin. Nothing to do with the solid Senseo Quadrante. It is equipped with a tank with a capacity of one litre of water, which is similar to a conventional filter coffee maker.

It has only three buttons on the top, to choose the program to run. That is to say: fill the decanter, two cups or just one cup.

On the pod coffee maker side, we find all the Senseo features. The pressure is 2 bars, allowing you to have cream on top of your coffee. It is necessary to install a single or double pod holder, which can accommodate one or two pods depending on your preparation. The cup rest allows the cups to be raised, but there is still a risk of splashing during service.

The filter coffee maker is pretty standard. You remove the spout and put in its place the isothermal pourer (I just learned the official name of this carafe) surmounted by the filter. You have to buy 102 filters.

A light signal warns us when it is time to descale the machine, which is a plus compared to many models.

The switch coffeemaker: compact or bulky?

2 in 1 coffeemaker, the Senseo Switch

Online reviews of the Philips Senseo coffeemaker are debating one very specific point: where it fits in.

To use it, you have to remove certain accessories from one of the two coffee makers. If you want a carafe of filter coffee, put the spout and pod holders on the side. If you want a cup from a pod, you remove the pourer and filter (and one of the two pod holders).

I chose to set the coffeemaker to pod mode. During the week I see less people, in the morning I’m the only one drinking coffee. So I put the coffee pot away above the kitchen cupboards. And on weekends, I store the pod accessories with the cutlery.

It does require a bit of organization. And if you want to switch from one to the other in the same day, you might as well take a compact filter coffee maker and une senseo original just as compact. If you place them next to each other, you’ll have peace of mind.

What coffee to put in your Senseo Switch?

The coffeemaker is sold alone, with no pods to try. It is therefore better to think about buying them at the same time as the machine.

Senseo pods are flexible and environmentally friendly because they are compostable. Plus the coffee is really good for gardening. There are also compatible pods and if you look around it’s easy to buy organic coffee in a pod, even at the supermarket.
For filter coffee you can use the same coffee as you used to use. I haven’t changed a thing in that respect.

As far as the quality of the drinks is concerned, I find the same taste as with my old filter coffee maker. For the pods, I made several tests. I finally chose to have two different coffees, one full-bodied and one milder. All you have to do is put them in a metal can to keep them.

My opinion on the Senseo switch

2 in 1 coffeemaker, the Senseo Switch

I have already mentioned several points, such as the size and quality of the coffee.

Regarding the use of the coffee maker, it’s really very simple. Besides, there are only three buttons. It’s hard to do better. It is also fast, I have never taken out a stopwatch to see, but for a simple coffee, I hardly have time to take out my breakfast.
And as soon as the coffee extraction is finished, the machine stops by itself.

On the other hand, I found that the power cable is really short (0.8 m), I have to use an extension cord.

What is the price of a Senseo Switch coffee maker?

2 in 1 coffeemaker, the Senseo Switch

As always the price changes from one shop to another, but also depends on the colours.
The cheapest is the red Switch coffeemaker at 106 €. The price goes up to 141 € for the grey model. In between, there are black or white coffeemakers available.

Of course, this Senseo coffeemaker is more expensive than the simple models, which range from 50 to 90 € as shown in the following table comparison of Senseo machines. However, the price difference is minimal compared to this 2-in-1 model, which is why I had no trouble deciding to buy it.

The plusses:

  • 2 in 1
  • 1 l tank
  • insulated jug
  • only 3 buttons
  • descaling indicator

The least:

  • short cable
  • no pod to try


If your thing is filter coffee and depending on the day you are alone with your coffee or a dozen around the table, Senseo Switch is most likely the electric coffee maker that is made for you.

It fits easily into any kitchen thanks to its four available colours. And it’s so easy to use that you can make coffee without interrupting your discussions.