Tactile and futuristic, the Senseo Twist

Tactile and futuristic, the Senseo Twist

After hesitating to buy la Senseo Quadrante, I finally ordered another very similar model from the Senseo coffeemakers : The Senseo Twist HD7870. What they have in common is that they both allow us to select the intensity of our choice for the preparation of the coffee.

However the Senseo Twist seems to be more recent, it has better scores online and I find it a nice futuristic look.

Tactile and futuristic, the Senseo Twist

Technical description of the Senseo Twist coffee maker

Tactile and futuristic, the Senseo Twist

The Senseo Twist is a coffeemaker that combines several small differences from the more classic models of the Senseo brand.

In the common points, which could be considered as Senseo’s trademarks, we find the possibility to prepare two coffees simultaneously. You also get a coffee that is closer to filter coffee than espresso because of the presence of only 1.5 bar of pressure. Finally, the machine goes standby after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Next to that, the machine goes with the help of touch controls. They are located on the base of the machine (that means flat) and are backlit. The whole is quite elegant, because the background is black and the symbols are in red. The whole thing is clear enough to understand how it works with just a glance at the manual.

One of these lights signals the moment of descale the machine. A handy little detail to extend the life expectancy of your machine.

Among its controls is the possibility to choose the intensity of your coffee. You can run a short, strong coffee or a normal, mild coffee. All this is done at the moment of launching the coffee. Moreover, settings can be made during pre-heating, so as soon as it is finished, the preparation starts without having to click on anything else.

In addition the tank holds one litre of water, which is more than the majority of electric machines of all brands.

Finally the spout is adjustable. This allows you to fix it at the most appropriate height for the size of your cups. This is a much simpler operation than the more common alternative of moving the cup rest.

The Twist senseo, a handy coffee maker?

Tactile and futuristic, the Senseo Twist

By way of introduction, I was boasting le design futuriste from that coffee pot. However, it doesn’t have all the advantages. Indeed, since the controls are on the stand, it is slightly wider than for machines with the knobs on top.

In addition, the tank is slightly offset so that its capacity can be seen at a glance. The direct consequence is that it is a machine a little bulkier than average. It is not particularly suitable for spaces where every centimeter is optimized.

Next to that, the start-up is convenient and quick. I particularly like not having to wait for the end of the pre-heating next to my machine to start the extraction of my choice. On the other hand I am not necessarily convinced by the possibility to choose its intensity. I prefer to pay attention to the capsules I buy and follow the instructions on the packet.

I mean, it’s a machine that’s not very fast. You have to wait 80 seconds to warm up. Then it takes 27 seconds to make a short coffee.

How much does a Senseo Twist cost?

Tactile and futuristic, the Senseo Twist

The price of the Senseo Twist is quite correct. The white model costs than 60 €, while black is 80 euros. The coffee maker is also available in black and red, or just red.

It’s a very low price. Just take a look at the Senseo shopping guide to find out. And besides that, the quality is still there.

I just think it’s a shame that Senseo doesn’t offer some sample pods with the coffee maker to get an idea of the different coffees available. But hey, Senseo machines and their pods are among the cheapest on the market, so you can’t have everything.

Global opinion on the Senseo Twist coffee maker

Tactile and futuristic, the Senseo Twist

Chosen for its design, the Senseo HD7870 does not disappoint. Even in discreet colours, such as white, it stands out from the other models without ever falling into the trap of flashyness.

It is easy to keep track of the tank level, the machine informs us when descaling is necessary and after a few tries, it is easy to get the coffee that suits you perfectly.

It is also one of the quieter coffee makers, since it only emits a maximum of 57 decibels (during extraction).

I mean, it’s an easy-to-maintain model. The touch control is much easier to wipe clean than the buttons. Being able to move the spout prevents splashes and thus dirt on and around the machine.

In short, it’s a model that’s easy to handle and easy to maintain.

The plusses:

  • 2 intensities to choose from
  • prepares 1 or 2 cups simultaneously
  • touch controls
  • one-litre tank
  • adjustable spout

The least:

  • its dimensions


In Senseo coffeemakers, the most sold is the Original Senseo which is also one of the cheapest. However, if for you too, it has something of any kind, I recommend Senseo Twist, which for a very close price is more efficient, better equipped and with a unique design.

Tactile and futuristic, the Senseo Twist