For large cups, the black Senseo Viva

For large cups, the black Senseo Viva

The Senseo coffee machines are very popular, as it is very easy to get senseo pods. They can be purchased in any supermarket or online and there are many hot drinks available. Except that not all Senseo are the same and not all of them allow you to make a coffee in a mug.

That’s why I chose the black Senseo Viva coffeemaker, which combines small price (63 €) and big cup!

Technical presentation of the Senseo Viva

For large cups, the black Senseo Viva

On the Senseo Viva model, you will find the main characteristics of the Senseo machines. It is possible to prepare one or two cups of coffee in one go. The pressure is quite low (1.5 bars) and the whole unit is very easy to maintain. All the parts that need to be washed are removable and dishwasher safe.

Unlike la Senseo Quadrante, here we have a smaller 0.9 l tank. It’s still a lot if only one or two people use the machine throughout the day. In fact, that’s about eight cups.

The coffeemaker’s been heading three buttons located on the cup rest. It’s more basic than on the Senseo Twist which is tactile, but it inspires me confidence, I feel it’s more solid.

In order to be able to use your favorite cup, the spout is removable. It’s easy to position it at the right height and therefore to serve in a mug or in a cup sold with a saucer.

Finally, the Senseo is available in several colours, quite delicate. We’re more in pastel declensions: duck blue, water green, powdered pink. If you want a little more pep, you’ll have to order the coffee pot in red.

A quick coffee to prepare

For large cups, the black Senseo Viva

The operating principle of the senseo is child’s play. You open, slide in a pod, press on and then finally press the button corresponding to the number of cups you want.

Just remember that for two cups, two pods are installed and you are aware of all the subtleties of the machine!

Serving coffee is also quick. We don’t have time to do anything else, or else just get the sugar out. In fact, the preheating only lasts 40 seconds. To serve a simple coffee, it takes 25 seconds. To serve two cups, it takes 40 seconds.
On the other hand, between two cups, a preheating time is necessary again, but it is only 25 seconds.

Maximum aroma

For large cups, the black Senseo Viva

On the Senseo Viva and Senseo Viva Café machines, the brand has developed a new technology allowing a better diffusion of the aroma. The water does not fall in a net on the pod, but on the entire surface of the pod. This better hot water distribution offers a richer flavoured drink.

It works on all drinks in the range, coffee, chocolate, tea, etc.
Because this is one of Senseo’s strengths, there are pods for a wide variety of hot drinks. In other words, the machine can quickly become a favourite with children, who can prepare hot chocolate without any outside help.

My opinion on Senseo Viva

There’s no doubt it’s the machine perfect for the lazy : low maintenance, easy start up, easy to find pods…

The ability to move the spout is really handy when you have mismatched cups at home. Of course, it’s possible to leave the spout up, but in that case, there’s splashing all around the cup. So you might as well take advantage of its removable design to make things right.

In fact, only the quality of the coffee is open to criticism. My friends who live in the south of France don’t seem to like the senseo coffee I serve them. They are the only ones who complain.

What value for money for the Senseo Viva?

For large cups, the black Senseo Viva

As always, depending on the colour, the price varies. At the very least, it costs 63 €, which is the mid-range price for a coffee maker. Given some of these qualities (removable spout, 0.9 l tank), it is a fair price.

In addition, senseo pods are among the cheapest available. You can therefore enjoy a wide choice of coffees and hot drinks without having to go broke.

Find in this comparatif Senseo tips on the differences between each coffeemaker. This will help you to know more accurately which one to choose, if the Senseo Viva is not right for you.

The plusses:

  • removable dishwasher-safe elements
  • adjustable spout
  • more aromas
  • prepare 1 or 2 cups
  • many colors available

The least:

  • automatic switch-off after 30 min
  • preheating between two cups


The Senseo Viva is a mid-range coffee machine that offers good value for money. It features all the advantages of the Senseo machines : easy to use, fast coffee brewing, large variety of pods. Finally, it is available in various colours to blend easily into any interior!