Which Tassimo to choose?

Discover now the various Tassimo coffeemakers, which are renowned for their effectiveness! By comparing coffee machines, we at Top Coffee maker have clearly understood the specificity of the Tassimo. It is hidden in pods called T-Disks, all of which are barcoded. Buying a tassimo means adhering to this concept and having access to many drinks created by major brands such as Suchard, Carte Noire and Oreo.


Through our comparison of Tassimo coffeemakers you will discover machines with different designs and a wide range of colours. The Tassimo Vivy is the first prize and is available in six colours. In my opinion, the best Tassimo coffeemaker is the Tassimo Suny, because I love its simplicity and price. But don’t let that stop you from discovering the Tassimo Joy, which has a reservoir that is better suited for meetings with colleagues or meals with the whole family. Or turn to the Tassimo Caddy for a unique design.


Choosing a coffeemaker means finding the right balance between your tastes, the decor of the kitchen and the amount of coffee you consume each day. That’s why we try to provide you with comprehensive reviews of Tassimo machines, so that you can buy your coffee maker with all the information you need.