Intelligent and sober, the Tassimo fidelia

Intelligent and sober, the Tassimo fidelia

With this Tassimo coffeemaker, you can ask for your cake and eat it too. In fact, behind the Tassimo Fidelia, a sober model at a very affordable price, hides an efficient machine that is easy to use and maintain and that brews the coffee of your dreams!

Well, it’s true that pods are sold separately and play a big role in the preparation of the drink. But find out how the Fidelia electric coffee maker contributes to this.

Technical presentation of the Tassimo Fidelia

Intelligent and sober, the Tassimo fidelia

While this machine is quite sober in its look, it has only one button surrounded by several indicator lights. These are the ones that do everything, or rather, that allow you to take good care of your coffee maker. The most used indicator light is the one that allows us to follow the preparation of a drink. But in reality the most useful is probably the one that announces that it is time to descale the machine (see below for more details). There is also a light to personalize the drinks or to see that the tank needs to be filled.

And yet, the tank doesn’t need to be refilled often because it has the incredible capacity of 2 litres! I have never seen such a possibility and I must say that this coffee maker is especially suitable for places and establishments where there are many coffee drinkers! For a couple, this is not particularly relevant. However, as the tank has a lid, it’s not so bad if you need three days to drink it all before refilling it.

Side maintenance, everything’s dishwasher safe, except for the tank.

Finally, unlike Senseo coffeemakers, Tassimo machines prepare only one cup at a time.

How do I use this Tassimo coffeemaker?

Intelligent and sober, the Tassimo fidelia

There are two ways to launch your coffee on the Fidelia machine: either in automatic mode or in custom mode. Either way, there is only one button and therefore, it is very simple to use this machine.

The automatic mode is possible thanks to pods called T-Disc. They are all equipped with a barcode. At launch, the intelligent machine reads the barcode and adapts the temperature, the quantity of water and the speed of extraction to the contents of the pod. This is why it is possible to prepare coffee, chocolate or tea.

The custom mode is a way to thicken or sweeten your coffee. That is to say, you can use less water than you would normally use, or you can extend it with a little hot water. To do this, simply press the one and only button on the machine, before the end of extraction or just after.

The preheating time is 30 seconds, which is reduced if you want to start a second cup right away.

How to descale Bosch’s Fidelia coffee maker?

That you own a coffeemaker Tassimo Joy or Tassimo Fidelia, the principle of descaling is the same. It’s child’s play, even more so if you’ve already tried using a Nespresso coffee maker!

The cleaning is done by pouring into the tank un mixture of water and dedicated product. Then simply place the yellow T-Disc (hidden in the tank) and press the « start » button for 5 seconds. The water will flow through the entire system, including the spout. Just make sure you have placed a container of at least 500 ml on the cup rest and wait 20 minutes.

Next, it is necessary to rinse completely the machine. Simply fill the tank with clean water and circulate the water in all circuits 4 times. The yellow T-Disc is used again. However, to « lure » the machine, you have to open the top of the machine and close it again between each cleaning to make it believe that a new pod has been installed.

After this cleaning, the quality of your coffee is increased, the lifespan of the coffeemaker is extended and you can even save time, as the extraction is more fluid.

Full review of Tassimo’s Fidelia

Intelligent and sober, the Tassimo fidelia

The Fidelia machine is one of the Tassimo coffeemakers that best allows to make your own coffee. Of course there is an ideal version, but it is not necessarily the one you like the most. Here, you can have something 100% personalized!

Another strong point: the capacity of its tank. I’ve never seen another coffeemaker with such capacity. So obviously that makes it a big machine, but you have to put that tank away somewhere. I don’t mind it at all. Besides, I put it on a small table with a few cups and sugars. Because if I bought it for myself, this machine is also available for the guests of our guesthouse.

The color is pretty much a masterpiece. It is possible to take more original than grey obviously, to each one his preferences.

What is the price of a Tassimo Fidelia?

Intelligent and sober, the Tassimo fidelia

Currently the most economical solution is to order Tassimo Fidelia on amazon and choose the grey model. Thus the coffee maker costs only 84 €. Unfortunately with the passing of the seasons, the price changes.

In any case, we’re facing a tariff mid-range market Quite interesting if you take a look at all the highlights of this electric coffee maker. To compare it in more detail with other models, you can consult this comparison of Tassimo coffeemakers.

The plusses:

  • 2 l tank
  • automatic preparation
  • personalized preparation
  • sight glass for descaling / tank
  • dishwasher safe

The least:

  • massive
  • noise


There are more and more intelligent coffee makers, but automation is not always at the same level. On the Tassimo Fidelia, it is indeed the preparation of coffee, and this is after all the most important element in a coffee machine.

And in that, this model is really well designed.