Tassimo Joy and his Brita filter

Tassimo Joy and his Brita filter

Do you know why the coffee you enjoy in the mountains of Colombia or in an Italian square does not taste the same as the coffee you make at home with the beans you buy locally? Because of the water!

Water quality is just as important as the coffee beans. So of course, water may be of lower quality in Colombia, but it is the difference in water quality, without any value judgement, that makes coffee taste different.

At home, the tap water’s not so good. That’s why when I replaced my old coffeemaker, I switched to the Tassimo Joy. It’s one of the few Tassimo pod coffee makers equipped with a water filter, here from Brita Maxtra.

Presentation of the Tassimo Joy coffee maker

Tassimo Joy and his Brita filter

This machine Tassimo t43 (its code name) is quite imposing because of its rectangular shape. However, it is not that big, measuring 28.9x23x33.3 cm. It’s just that it is only slightly rounded and the cup is placed in a recess. I like it, it avoids splashes all around.

Speaking of the mug, the cup holder can be moved to accommodate 4 different cup heights. So you can make very large drinks (200 ml) or simple espressos.

By the way the tank is designed for large cups, as it can store 1.4 l of water. This corresponds to about fifteen espressos or six mugs.

The machine has three indicator lights. One is for beverage preparation, the second for descaling and the last for the water level in the tank. This option is not present on all Tassimo machines, for example la Tassimo Vivy doesn’t.

As I said in my introduction, the coffeemaker is equipped with a Brita Maxtra water filter, that works for the equivalent of 400 cups!

What pod for a tassimo?

Tassimo Joy and his Brita filter

At Tassimo, the pods are called T-disc and are equipped with a barcode. This is essential for the launch of a drink, as it allows the machine to know how to prepare the desired hot drink.

This allows Tassimo to offer a wide variety of pods based on coffee, but also chocolate and tea.

And if, in spite of the barcode, the drink does not suit you completely, just press the one and only button to extend your preparation with hot water.

How do I use Tassimo Joy?

Tassimo Joy and his Brita filter

Before making your first coffee, it is necessary to clean the machine. To do this, first wipe the tank with a cloth and then fill it. The quick instructions (one double-sided) show you how to run hot water through the entire machine four times, to remove odours of plastic and other dust. It will only take you 5 or 6 minutes.

It’s much quicker and easier to make a coffee.
You have to open the top of the machine, put a pod in it and close it by hearing the closing clack.
Then press the big button on the machine (there is only one, the other on/off button at the bottom is used to turn the coffee maker on/off). Preheating and preparation will follow one another while an orange light will flash asking you to wait. When the light turns steady amber, your coffee is ready.

For an espresso, the quickest drink to make, you must 45 seconds. This time increases with the amount of water required.

The coffee maker then turns on automatically on standby. It then consumes very little electricity. Ideally, however, it should be turned off completely.

How do I maintain a Tassimo Joy machine?

For daily maintenance, a sponge and cloth wipe on the outside is sufficient.
The individual parts to be cleaned can be dismantled and then cleaned with the dishwasher with the exception of the water tank. It is advisable to wash the tank only with water and a clean cloth.

For long term maintenance, it is necessary to plan for descale the machine. At the time of doing so, an indicator light comes on. Simply fill the water tank, install the yellow T-disc (which is hidden at the back of the machine) and start the program. Be careful, descaling is long (about 20 minutes) and a lot of water will come out of the machine. It is best to slide a pitcher under the spout.

Tassimo Joy, my opinion and its price

Tassimo Joy and his Brita filter

The official price of the Tassimo Joy is 120 €. That’s a lot and in reality it is mostly sold for 86 €. A price that is immediately much more correct, even if it is double the price of the small Tassimo Suny (plus compacte). The presence of the filter makes all the difference. To find out more about the price of Tassimo, take a look at this comparative.

If you’ve ever used a Tassimo machine, you shouldn’t be disappointed. We find all the advantages of these coffeemakers in a sober design. Moreover, it makes it possible not to worry about our mismatched cups.

The coffee is good, the service is fast. And maintenance-wise, it’s basic, and I can do it by wiping the sponge around my sink.

The plusses:

  • Brita water filter
  • indicator light for descaling and water level
  • wide selection of beverages
  • possibility to add hot water
  • 45 seconds for an espresso

The least:

  • provide Brita filter in addition


Today’s coffee makers are made to work with tap water. However, this is not always possible because of the quality of the water. The Tassimo Joy is here to make good coffee with ease without the need to buy spring water for your drink.