The new Bosch Tassimo My Way

The new Bosch Tassimo My Way

Every Tassimo machine stands out, or rather, stood out because of the perfect automation of beverage preparation. No adjustments have to be made, an identical drink from one time to the next thanks to the barcode on each T-Disc. However, the brand decided to revolutionise its range with the Bosch Tassimo My Way.

My way as in my way. With this capsule coffee machine, not only is the design completely redesigned, but so is the use of the coffeemaker. Everyone can prepare a 100% customised drink in it!

Full presentation of the new Tassimo My Way

The new Bosch Tassimo My Way

In some aspects we find the characteristics of the Tassimo coffee makers. The pressure is 3.3 bars. The capsules are T-Disc, the same as for all other Tassimo machines. The coffee flow and stop are automatic. And Tassimo My Way goes on standby by itself.

It weighs 2.7 kg, it is rather imposing, but it can be placed on a simple shelf. On the other hand, the removable tank is on the back and withdraws upwards. So you have to leave room to take it out and fill it up.

The tank in question has a capacity of 1.3 l. This is a model that is well suited for a workspace or a home with several coffee addicts. The cup rest can be adjusted to three different heights.

All in all, it’s a strong machine. It is available in three colours: white, black and red.

Making a personalized coffee with Tassimo Bosch My Way

The new Bosch Tassimo My Way

There’s two ways to make coffee with Tassimo My Way. And the Tassimo My Way pod is the same as for all the other Tassimo coffeemakers.
The most classic version is to simply let the coffeemaker read the barcode and decide everything.

The new version, the preparation My Way, is to choose everything, to decide everything. On the coffee maker there is a touch control area. It works with pictures and the use is quite intuitive. You can adjust the intensity of the coffee (more or less strong), the length of the coffee (the amount of water) and the temperature (lukewarm, hot or boiling). There are also numbers from 1 to 4, for 4 specific recipe preparations.

If we add these manual modifications to the 40 different capsules available, this considerably increases the possibilities of preparation.

On the other hand, the coffee maker must preheat before each coffee, even if you want to make two coffees in a row. Luckily it’s pretty fast. For a long coffee, including pre-heating, it takes 70 seconds.

How do I maintain the Tassimo My Way coffeemaker?

As with the other models, maintenance is easy because all removable parts are dishwasher safe.

The My Way coffeemaker is also equipped with a light signal to know when to start the descaling program. A small detail that is important because it increases the life expectancy of the coffee maker.

Last but not least, there is no dripping, no leakage after the preparation of the drink. It will therefore not be necessary to clean the cup rest absolutely every day.

Tassimo My Way or Tassimo Vivy 2?

Not easy to know which Tassimo to choose !
In terms of preparation, Tassimo My Way is unique. But if you’re looking for the automatic side offered by T-Disc, then maybe the coffee maker Tassimo Vivy 2 might suit you.

Vivy 2 is cheaper well smaller. It is available in a few more colours. On the other hand, it is slightly louder.
The choice between the two machines is personal and will depend on the space at your disposal and your taste for hot drinks.

Opinions on Tassimo My Way by Bosch

The new Bosch Tassimo My Way

On the one hand, there are the technical advantages of this latest Tassimo model: the original design, the non-leakage at the end of preparation, the signal for descaling. It is a functional machine that gives full satisfaction.

And then there’s the side beverage customization. That’s the plus thing, the real difference from the previous Tassimo coffeemakers. So obviously that means that at the beginning you have to make a few tests, you limit yourself to changing the temperature for example. But as you prepare your coffee, you refine your taste and you know what you want. It’s then very simple to have a coffee that suits us.

Another good point is the fact that the capsule coffeemaker does not switch on. if there is not enough water in the tank. The system locks and prevents unnecessary loss of a T-Disc.

At what price to buy Tassimo My Way?

The new Bosch Tassimo My Way

If the initial selling price was more than 100 €, today the Tassimo My Way is sold for about 70 €, a much more correct and interesting rate. So before buying tassimo My Way, you should take the time to compare prices.

It is important to know that most of the time the red Tassimo My Way will not be at the same price as the black Tassimo My Way. However, they are exactly the same machines and only the exterior colour is different.

The plusses:

  • solid
  • long coffee ready in 1 min
  • quiet (51 dB)
  • 3 colors
  • signals when to descale

The least:

  • preheating between drinks
  • need space above to access the tank


For design to suit everyone’s taste, you either like or dislike the Tassimo My Way. But as long as you’re the kind of person who wants to control everything in order to have a hot drink that corresponds exactly to your tastes, this machine is perfect.

Above all, the precision of the preparation rhymes with ease of use!