Bosch’s Tassimo Suny is automatic and fast.

Bosch’s Tassimo Suny is automatic and fast.

The world of coffee is ruthless, there are so many choices that it’s hard to stop at one model. Fortunately, there are comparison of Tassimo coffeemakers to get out of it!
That’s right, I’m Tassimo, because I’m all for Grandma’s coffee and the amazing Carambar and Cadbury drinks…

I present you the Tassimo Suny by Bosch, reference Tassimo TAS3202. But before we start, a little clarification. All the articles I read before I bought it tell you that it is a sunny machine, so the authors are happy to make a little pun. Except that sunny is spelled sunny. So either Tassimo sucks in English, or the name clearly means something else. But what the hell…

The Tassimo suny T32, maximum automation

Bosch’s Tassimo Suny is automatic and fast.

Technically with this pod machine, you only have three things to do: fill the tank, install the pod, put your cup down.

I can see you thinking and asking yourself how to start the machine… It’s easy, just put the cup down! Well, to be exact, you have to make sure that the machine is on standby (and not totally off). Then you have to put your cup down by pressing on the bottom of the cup holder. The bottom is one of the two « ON » buttons.

The machine will then do everything:

  • check that the tank is sufficiently full (and stop if it is not) ;
  • preheat (20 seconds, watch in hand) ;
  • read the barcode on the pod;
  • choose the right amount of water, temperature, etc. ;
  • fill the cup;
  • clean the spout with steam.

Yes that’s pretty impressive. One could even say more, it’s:

  • fast (43 seconds for an espresso) ;
  • hygienic (the spout is cleaned!) ;
  • perfect for changing drinks from one cup to another (the spout is cleaned!!!!).

Bosch Tassimo Suny on the technical side

Now that I’ve dazzled you with what the machine does faster than it takes to get out of bed, let’s take a look at the technical details.

The tank measures 0.8 l which makes a large number of espressos (about 15 if my calculations are correct). If that’s not enough, install the machine next to the tap or choose to the Tassimo JOY model. Note that the tank is installed on the back and is equipped with a handle. It can be removed by pulling it upwards, making it impossible to slide the machine into a small (or at least impractical) niche.

The pressure is 3.3 bars to get cream on your coffee. However, the machine only brews one cup at a time. You can’t have everything, for two coffees at the same time, you have to turn to the Senseo machines.

On the front of the machine there are three indicator lights. One of them indicates that a drink is being prepared. The other two are much more interesting: it signals an empty tank and the time to descale.

The cup holder is removable and can be fixed at two different heights.

This model is available in four colours: black, white, blue or red. With the exception of white, these are rather dark and therefore rather sober colours.

What pod for a Tassimo?

Bosch’s Tassimo Suny is automatic and fast.

Tassimo machines accept T-disks, that means very specific pods, which are fortunately on sale in supermarkets and online.

Tassimo has partnered with a number of major brands and offers a wide variety of hot drinks. Moreover, the name of electric coffee maker seems almost usurped. One can thus consume hot chocolates (Milka, Cadbury or Suchard), coffees in many forms (Carte Noire, Grand-Mère, Evergood, Gevalia), Twining tea or drinks not always identifiable (Carambar, Oreo, etc).

The price of the pods varies with their originality. The cheapest remains the classic espresso, which is cheaper than Nespresso and a little more expensive than Senseo.

The use of Tassimo Suny

Bosch’s Tassimo Suny is automatic and fast.

I’ve already impressed you with the preparation of the coffee as an introduction to this review. Let’s just say as a reminder that it’s very simple and there’s not much to do.

Maintenance is just as simple. All removable parts are very easy to clean. The spout is self-cleaning and prevents drops of the previous drink from falling into your drink.

A light signals when it’s time to do one descaling. Simply drag and drop a yellow T-Disk provided and start the program. Everything is done by itself. And the illustrated manual is very clear, both in terms of handling and cleaning.

What is the value for money of the Tassimo Suny?

Bosch’s Tassimo Suny is automatic and fast.

I have to say, it’s a machine that I like very much. It combines a very correct price (60 € for the black model) with a very simple use.
She’s even discreet, emitting only 55 dB during coffee extraction (the noisiest moment).

Actually, I haven’t found any negative reviews against her. But it seems that the Tassimo Caddy is even more effective. It’s also more expensive…

The plusses:

  • spout cleaned with each use
  • super-fast
  • discreet
  • wide range of beverages
  • 2 heights for the cup rest

The least:

  • one cup at a time


The Tassimo Suny is a very efficient electric coffee maker. It takes care of all the coffee preparation and tells us what we have to do (fill the tank, descale). It is the perfect machine for those who have difficult mornings.