Who are we?

Let me introduce myself, I’ve been addicted to coffee since I travelled to Australia for two months in the summer of my 18th birthday. There I discovered many coffee-based drinks and since then, it has been impossible to go a day without it.

I live with my sweetheart, who also likes coffee, but in a much more measured way than I do. I managed to involve him in my coffee comparison project, because he’s good at computers (in the broadest sense of the word). To both of us, we drink an average of one liter of coffee a day. I have a preference for robusta to start the day off right. In the afternoon, unlike the Italians, I start with a cappuccino. And all of them are made by electric coffee machines, mine, the one at work, the ones my girlfriends use. My little Italian coffee maker is now just a travel souvenir, decorating my library.

I decided to start this website after helping a girlfriend to buy her own machine. We spent a lot of time in the store comparing the small lines in the descriptions and not understanding everything. That day we left empty-handed and it was only after a long research on the NET that my girlfriend chose the model that suited her. Having good coffee at home shouldn’t be so complicated. And that’s how Top Cafetière was born!

Which products are reviewed?

I created the site top coffeemaker with the aim of help you choose your coffeemaker, without prejudice to the brand, price or even taste of the coffee. In general, a modern, well-tuned machine always delivers a well-prepared coffee. You just need to know your preferences before buying pods or capsules.

Thus the Nespresso coffeemakers are located next to les Senseo, the Tassimo and the Dolce Gusto. We have even chosen to include a section on nomadic coffee makers, that appliances that allow you to prepare an espresso in your car or in the mountains.

Of course, I am unable to test all the machines myself. That is why I have invited my friends to participate by giving me their opinions. And of course you, yourself, are cordially invited to give us your opinion as well.

We also take the time to compare all the information obtained, as well as the official notices of each electric coffee maker to establish comparisons. We rely on objective information (pressures, pre-heating times) and subjective information (our impressions during use or those of our friends and family). And so you can compare all the machines in the same range in a single article.

How do we finance the site and its operation?

You may have noticed that in order to do things right, we bought our own domain name. A website is a hobby that requires a basic investment (like most hobbies) and a regular investment.

However, we do not wish to ask the coffee manufacturers for funding, as this might make you doubt our opinions.

That’s why we chose to join the Amazon EU Partner Program, which allows you to become an affiliate. We install links to the amazon.co.uk shop and if you place an order, we get a percentage of the sale. This does not change the amount you pay for your order. The payment is made by amazon on the commission normally received by the famous shop.

Join up!

This site aims to share experiences and advice. You can be a part of it. There are several ways to do this:

  • place an order by clicking on a link installed on the site (see the previous section to understand why) ;
  • share the tests you like on your favorite social networks;
  • Subscribe to the Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss any articles;
  • send us your reviews of the coffee machine you use (specifying the model).

See you soon!